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4nids.comBathroom style is a small fishing community on the shores of mussoorie lake, in the eastern part of Karnataka, India. This Small Town was Given The Name Bathroom Style by its Benefactor, The Then Ruler of this Region, King Veeraballa. It has grown into a major Tourist Town with Many Visitors from Far and Wide. The Bustling Nature of the Town Draws Many People To It Each Day.

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There are A Few Important Places of Interest in Bathroom style. The Two Temples of Lord Brahma at Style Bathroom and At Nearby Sundariya Oruposef (Ottomans) is a must see for all tourists Visiting this part of Karnataka. Sundariya Oruposef is Also A Major Religious Site for Hindus. The Fishing Village of Style While Not Directly on the Lake is Still Very near to it.

Tourists can get Into The Town Easily by Renting a CAR. This is the Cheapest Mode of Transport. From the airport, All Major Points of Interest, Like Indiranagar, Fort / Fort Stock, etc. Are A Few Minutes Away by Car.

There are buses in style bathrooms. If you do not want to use Public Transport, Taxis and Motorcycles Are The Fastest Ways To Go Around Town. These modes of transport are cheap, Convenient and Safe. If you wish to explore The Local Culture of the Region, then you can try the night safaris offered by Most Tour Operators.

Style Room with a River Atmosphere

Fishes of the Region is Best Known for their Large Catches. Mahi And Other Big Fish Such As The Ganges Jack Salmon Are Very Popular. There are Also A Few Species of Puffin, Marlin, Sailfish, Hake, Wahoo and Other Small Fish. Style Has Some Very Interesting Temples Dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you are a Devotee of Balinese Religion, then this is the ideal place to make your prayers know to the gods.

A Walk Along The River Style From The Town Will Take You To Many Fishing Spots. Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Are Best Done On The River Style. The Best Season to Fish Here is Between November and April. However, Fishing is not restricted to this time. Many People Visit Style Room To Catch The Fish At All Seasons. The Climate Here Is Subtropical, Which Enables All Kinds of Fish To Survive.

It Has Many Restaurants Serving All Kinds of Cuisines. The Locals Have Made It Easy for Tourists to Access All Their Required Facilities. If you wish to go out to sea, you can hire fishing boats that operate all throughout the year. Hotels Are Available All Over The Area, But They Tend To Far From The Sea.

Room Style with Shades of Village

The Traditional Balinese Foods Include Such Dishes as Rice and Pencied Meat. However, The People Are Open To Trying Other Western Like Burger, Pizza, and Hamburgers. This is a Developing Area and There Are Many New Establishments Sprouting Up. Tourists Who Want To Experience A True Balinese Experience Can Book One Of The Many Private Tour Packages Available.

Room style is a quiet village that lives by itself. There are no major commercial centers. The Closest Hotel to the Place is Hotel Segovia. You can reach it by taking the bus that goes to meningie. You Will Find That Most of the Have Have Little OR No Decorations.

The Food in Room Style is typical Balinese Fare: Rice, Beans, Meat, Vegetables and Fish. There are a Few Restaurants that specialize in seafood. The Food is Inexpensive, and the Price is Usually Affordable, Especially Considering The Quality of the Food.

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