Interior Design Ideas For Mid-Celtic Modern Bedrooms

648 – Mid centurymodern furniture has surged in recent popularity, owing in no small part to the success of popular television shows such as Mad Men and The Queen. From the heavy, dark wood bed frames to the seemingly minimalist furniture layouts, there are some central elements to any mid-century modern bedroom style. When choosing a theme for your new room, you need to decide whether or not your mid-century modern bedroom will reflect your personality or simply be a study of the current trends. Modern bedrooms can be set in almost any contemporary theme, as long as it plays off of one central element. Bedrooms are essentially an extension of the home, so if your home is modern, then obviously your bedroom will be too. In order to get a feel for what kind of contemporary style you’re going for, try to imagine what types of furniture would be found in your home in the same contemporary style, and then break those design inspirations down into your new bedroom.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

One of the main stylistic elements of mid-century modern bedroom furniture is the use of flat, clean lines. In the 1950s and ’60s, this style was heavily inspired by the Eero Saarinen office designs. In these pieces, the verticality of the pieces was kept to a minimum, often to only a few curved lines or a few straight lines. In this context, the flat, clean lines of today’s mid-century modern bedroom furniture simply translate to less emphasis on the vertical. Instead, this focus is more on the horizontal, with clean lines surrounding the bed frames and dressers and accentuating the natural wood grains that are a signature of this style.

Another defining characteristic of mid-century modern bedroom furniture is its use of geometric forms and bold color palettes. Bedrooms are typically painted a neutral color palette, but for this design, this is not the case. Colors ranging from light browns to off-white to deep red are used to create a warm palette that makes the room feel more spacious. In addition to this color palette, different textures and patterns are also used. Examples include natural wood effects, geometric shapes, and metal scroll work.

Another popular element in mid-century modern bedroom furniture is the use of heavy, ornate furniture. Because this style was inspired by offices, the emphasis is on large, bold artwork and extremely detailed surfaces. Bed frames, dressers, and even the headboard may feature highly decorative details. Some of these items are quite decorative, like large picture windows. Others are much less detail-oriented; for instance, one simple light fixture might stand as the focal point of the space.

Perfect Decoration Supplies

The focus in mid-century modern bedroom furniture is usually on sharp contrasts rather than patterns. Bright colors are used to define the focal points of the bedroom. Crayons and neon signs are often used as decorative accents. Wall paint is usually a neutral color, although it can be based on a color or pattern that matches the artwork on the walls. Lighting fixtures, wall decor, and window treatments all play a part in making the room feel modern.

One main mid-century modern bedroom furniture piece is the nightstand. This piece is designed to keep clothes and shoes organized while allowing the natural light to shine through. Typically, a nightstand will have two to three shelves and a center pedestal for reading. Some nightstands will be small and used only for display, while others are large and have a built-in table for storage.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Interior Design

An important aspect of the interior design for a mid-century modern bedroom is the use of furniture that is simple and functional. Mid-century style furniture was designed to be both appealing and durable. Limousines and art Deco lighting add a touch of sophistication to a bedroom and matching floor and wall coverings in earthy tones add to the effect. A mid-century modern home will often feature an area rug as a central design feature. The area rug can be used as a piece of decorative accent wall decor, or it can be used to introduce some geometric or other pattern into the room.

Platform beds are very popular with mid-century modern bedroom designers. The distinctive look of a platform bed comes from its raised edge, which adds extra height to a mattress. Many mid-century modern bedrooms will also have a headboard, which is shaped like a triangle, rather than being a straight line on the frame of the bed. Bedroom furniture that features clean lines and a contemporary design is sure to give you a bedroom that you can love.

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