Design Your Bathroom in a Tropical Theme

501 – If you’re craving the vacation feel that comes with tropical decor, consider designing your bathroom in this theme. It’s perfect for a relaxing escape without the airplane ticket.

Gives a Warm and Organic Feel to the Room

To achieve a tropical vibe, you’ll need to incorporate natural materials into your design. This is easiest to do if you have windows, but can be done in other ways as well. Tropical bathroom designs frequently use natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan. These materials provide a warm and organic feel to the space. Natural textures such as pebble or stone tiles are also commonly used.

When choosing a hardwood, premium species like teak and kwila are excellent choices. These hardwoods are naturally resistant to water and rot, and they require very little maintenance. Other great options include maple, birch and oak. These species are widely available and offer a similar look to the exotic tropical hardwoods. Plants are an essential element in a tropical bathroom. These can be placed on shelves or countertops, or hung from the ceiling for a more unique look. Decorative and accent pieces are often floral in nature and feature summer colors such as blues, yellows and greens.

Storage is an important aspect of a tropical summer bathroom, and it can be accomplished by using wicker baskets to organize bath products and towels. Linens and draperies can feature a tropical theme, and these can include floral prints or laid-back beach scenes. Tropical bathrooms typically include bold wall tiles and patterns to express the lush, outdoorsy feel. A range of shades of green from dark forest to light jade are suitable, as well as earthy browns and warm neutrals.

Beautiful Textured Wooden Bathroom Vanity

Wood is another natural material often seen in tropical bathroom designs. A beautifully textured wooden bathroom vanity works great for this style, whether it’s dark or light in color. A wide variety of stone is also used in tropical bathrooms, from travertine and natural limestone to slate and marble-effect porcelain. These are great options for flooring, wall panels or splash zones as they’re durable and easy to clean.

A tropical bathroom is best optimized with lots of natural light, which is ideal for a calming space to relax in. Avoid shower curtains and opt for frameless glass instead so that the natural lighting is properly dispersed throughout your bathroom. Add some plant life to your room too, such as a simple aloe plant or even a larger fern. A tropical bathroom is the perfect place to incorporate natural fabrics.

This could include a bamboo towel bar, woven baskets or jute bath mats and rugs. You can also add natural elements like palm trees and ferns to your design. They’re easy to grow and will look great in a bathroom with a tropical theme. They can also be great for adding fresh air to a humid space.

Popular Choices for Tropical Bathroom Base Colors

The key to a good tropical bathroom is keeping it simple. Avoid using too many different colors or decorations, as this can cause a design to feel chaotic and overwhelming. White is a popular choice for the base color in a tropical bathroom, as it perfectly compliments the bold green tones that are typical of this style. To further enhance your tropical bathroom, you can hang artwork or photographs of beaches and other natural scenes. Tropical-themed plants like aloe vera can be a wonderful addition to your design as well.

Tropical bathrooms often feature natural light to create a connection with the outdoors. Large windows and skylights are ideal, but if those aren’t an option, soft warm artificial lighting can help to replicate the effect. Decor accessories can also play into the tropical theme. Shower curtains, linens and towels can display tropical designs, flora or seashells to create the perfect summer vibe. For a modern tropical bathroom, consider frameless glass for the shower door to keep it feeling open and spacious.

Orchids make an excellent tropical bathroom plant since they don’t need much soil to thrive and the humidity of a bath or shower is ideal for them. Aloe vera can also be used for its healing properties, especially if you’re suffering from sunburn or insect bites. These plants can be hung above the bathtub or placed on the window sill to be easily accessed when needed. Adding greenery to your bathroom is the best way to bring the tropical feel home.

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