Scandinavian Interior Decorating Ideas

206 – Scandinavians don’t add things to their homes as status symbols, but for the joy and utility they provide. They value quality over quantity and appreciate a mix of new + old. Carpet is never used in Scandinavian homes. Instead, herringbone parquet and other wooden floor treatments are popular. Wall art is framed with clean lines, and when color is used, it’s exhibited in multiples such as this series of floral prints.

Creating a Scandinavian-Inspired Look

Incorporate natural elements into the bedroom to create a Scandinavian-inspired look. Wood floors, wool rugs, and faux fur throws are traditional choices that feel cozy and warm. Natural textiles with typical motifs and patterns also work well, like floral or animal prints on pillows, curtains and decor items. Earth tones that reflect nature are common in Scandi decorating including sky blue, burnt sienna, evergreen, deep ochre and sage green. These colors are typically used on wall art, accent pillows, area rugs and furniture pieces.

Minimal artwork is a classic feature of this style, allowing functional furniture and decor to take center stage. Black-and-white photographs or ink drawings work as well. This is a perfect way to add personal touches without overcrowding the space. Scandinavian decor ideas strike a balance between sleek minimalism and soothing comfort. Rather than clutter, you’ll find carefully-selected furnishings and accents, such as worn leather, plank-style floating shelves, monochrome art, and black-and-white photography.

Geometric shapes are a popular motif in Scandinavian decorating. Look for frames in square and rectangular shapes, asymmetrical table or sofa layouts, and symmetrical wall arrangements. Also look for floor lamps with straight lines and sconces in square or rectangular silhouettes. Colors that resemble the natural landscape are common in Scandi rooms, including sky blue, burnt sienna, evergreen, deep ochre, and sage green. Add these shades to your walls and in accents like throw pillows, vases, and area rugs.

Incorporate Warm Wood Tones Throughout the Home

Scandinavians love to incorporate warm wood tones throughout their homes. This helps to create a cozy atmosphere that’s also clean and modern. Look for rugs, pillows and even furniture that incorporates light woods to complement your design. Wall to wall carpeting doesn’t appeal to Scandinavians because they prefer lighter hardwood floors that can make rooms feel bigger and brighter. Pale hardwoods are usually left natural or painted white to create a clean and inviting look.

Using textiles to add warmth is another staple in Scandi designs. These soft covers instantly soften any hard materials or edges of the room and provide a variety of textures. When color is used in Nordic designs, it’s often incorporated in small bursts like floral prints or a series of graphic multiples. This is a great way to add a pop of color without overwhelming the room with too much visual clutter.

As opposed to strict minimalism, Scandinavian design incorporates a variety of textures to create unique looks. One way to accomplish this is through mixing old with new, such as pairing a classic piece of furniture with a modern rug or painting. This creates a layered look that is distinctly Scandinavian while still maintaining radical simplicity.

Incorporates Natural Elements to Add Warmth and Comfort

Clutter is avoided at all costs, and furniture and decor are chosen for their functionality rather than simply taking up space. This allows for a clean, open look that is welcoming and airy. Incorporate natural elements like wool blankets, cotton pillows, and greenery into your space to add warmth and a sense of comfort. This can help promote hygge, which is a Danish concept of coziness and contentment. This can also encourage positive emotions that can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Scandinavian furniture, lighting, and home decor is built to last. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship are a natural bedfellow for the design principles of functionality and simplicity, which seek to enable a better day-to-day life. Natural textures are also a staple of Scandinavian decorating ideas. Wool and linen textiles add warmth to Scandi colors, while woods, leathers, and pelts add earthy depth to neutral rooms.

You’ll often see classic elbow chair designs and other simple mid-century modern furniture in Scandi homes. Look for pieces with clean lines and minimal embellishment. For wall decor, consider displaying monochrome artworks like line drawings or abstract watercolors.

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