How to Create a Vintage Bathroom

853 – Vintage bathrooms are extremely popular due to their timeless elegance and vintage look. While vintage style pays tribute to the bygone era, it is an extremely easy decorating theme to incorporate into our modern day homes. Let us examine a few basic vintage bathroom items. Vintage bathtubs are definitely a must, with matching vintage shower curtains an ideal match. The vintage style bathtub and shower curtain came in a very wide range of designs and finishes making them a perfect addition to any bathroom.

Using Shower Curtains As Bathroom Accessories

Shower curtains are a great vintage bathroom accessory. These can be purchased in just about any finish imaginable from flat weave to brocade and weaves to distressed wood. They also make a great conversation piece as most people associate vintage bathrooms with rustic or country living. There are many different types of vintage bathroom curtains available. A quick search on the Internet should yield some inspiration for where to buy these stunning accessories.

Freestanding tubs are a wonderful vintage bathroom feature. Often made from porcelain, these amazing fixtures have a charming vintage feel. Often designed with the old timer washbasin and pitcher style faucet, these freestanding tubs can be an elegant focal point in any bathroom. Ceramic, cast iron and marble are just a few types of porcelain tub choices.

Making a Chrome Bathroom

Just as there are many different styles and finishes for porcelain fixtures, there are also many different colors and shapes of chrome fixtures. Chrome has a wonderful gleam to it that is hard to match with anything else. In fact, it is often said that chrome accents give a retro vibe to any bathroom remodel. Great retro bathroom fixtures include shower cabins, towel bars and chrome towel racks.

The most popular choice for vintage bathroom fixtures and tile is vinyl. This is certainly the go-to choice for people who prefer a clean, vintage look but don’t want to pay a lot of money for it. Vinyl comes in many different pieces including shower curtains, toilet seat and backing sheets. Tile is also popular choice and can be found in various shapes, sizes and colors. Tile is particularly beautiful, as it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including earth tones and classic tiles.

Top Vintage Look

If you love the vintage look, you might also like the idea of using vintage bathroom cabinet knobs and faucets. These pieces can be found in many shapes and sizes. For instance, you can find ones that are shaped like old-time soap dispensers or come in unique designs such as an egg shape or even a heart. Other popular choices include antique faucets and soap dishes. In addition to these faucets and sinks, you can also choose classic toilet seat and shower curtain pull.

A great place to shop for vintage bathroom faucets and hardware is on the Internet. Many online retailers carry a wide selection of vintage bathroom hardware that are available at affordable prices. In addition to shopping on the Internet, you can also visit local stores that sell vintage furniture. In particular, if you love the look of a vintage clawfoot bathtub but don’t have the room for one, you can always opt for a vintage pedestal sink. With a vintage pedestal sink and faucets, you can transform your bathroom into a place where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in a soothing environment.

If you like vintage bathroom fixtures and tile but you don’t have the money to purchase the items mentioned above, you may want to consider a vintage inspired look by using square subway tile walls and penny tile floors. A square subway tile wall is perfect for transforming your bathroom with a retro feel. You can find these types of subway tile walls at any building supplies and home improvement specialty store. You can also transform your bathroom by using penny tile floors. This is especially useful when you have a small or narrow space. The combination of square subway tile walls and penny tile floors will help create an elegant, vintage-inspired look for your bathroom.

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