Mid Century Modern Kitchen Designs


4nids.com – Mid-century Modern is certainly one of the timeless classic styles which has always been in fashion, with the kitchen being a part of the house no matter how old it is. Its inherent features make mid-century an ideal fit for these contemporary, traditional and eclectic home styles. It is not as if such a style is a thing of the past. It just keeps getting better with each decade. With its appealing styling and its smart use of space, it may be said to be the one design that is always going to be popular with homeowners.

Monochromatic Style Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

One of the fundamental styles which are common among mid-century modern kitchen designs is that of the monochromatic. With this, all elements of the design are typically black or dark brown with accents of bright colors like red and yellow. The appliances, storage units, cabinets and countertops will be a brilliant blend of these two colors and even more. This is done to achieve a sleek, modern look.

The use of natural light is another fundamental trait in mid-century modern kitchen designs. This can be achieved through the use of windows or skylights. In this type of design, the natural light from outside will be sufficiently filtered so as to keep the kitchen a comfortable oasis in a harsh desert. This can go a long way to helping make the cooking space feel cosy and welcoming. The use of skylights may also be an appealing element of this design, particularly in kitchens which have tall windows or are located in locations where natural light is limited.

Mid-century modern kitchens also tend to employ an abundance of white and neutral colors. The reason for this is not hard to see. White, by definition, is the absence of any color and hence is often viewed as a blank canvas upon which to work. By contrast, the styling in this design trend is all about the juxtaposition of contrasting colors in the cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances to create a counterintuitive, yet pleasing effect.

Modern Kitchen Dark Wood Use Ideas

Another key element of this design style is the use of smooth, rounded forms and heavy, dark woods for cabinet door fronts and drawer bottoms. The cabinet doors should be straight and the cabinet bottoms should be deep enough to avoid sharp corners. This helps to minimize the visual clutter that may otherwise be present in a modern kitchen. Dark, rough-hewn woods are also preferable for use on the flooring, floor plates, table tops and shelves.

One important element of mid century modern kitchen designs is the use of tile-backed countertops. This may be made from either thick or thin ceramic tiles. The backlash of the tile must be sealed to protect it from food spillages and dust. In this context, one may consider using tempered glass for the splashback or even opaque glass for the backsplash. For the flooring, you may choose from rubber, concrete or wood-based materials including, but not limited to, linoleum, slate and concrete.

Choosing the Right Cantilever Carpet

One popular, yet underutilized aspect of this kitchen idea is the use of cantilever rugs. The principle behind them is to offset the vertical movement of the floor tiles and to make even the most irregularly shaped countertop look uniform in terms of shape. A cantilever rug also helps to neutralize the hard, shiny metallic finishes that are so common with other materials for this design style.

Glass for both countertops and cabinets is a modernist staple and the glass should be clear of etching or stains. Clear glass is preferred since it allows light to filter into the room and provide an elegant, spacious feel to the eating and cooking areas. Tinted and patterned glass are also a classy finish for contemporary kitchens. These materials provide a warm atmosphere to the room, yet don’t mar the sleek lines of the mid-century modern kitchen design.

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