Coastal Living Room Ideas

699 – The perfect mix of fresh and rustic, this light and airy living room bring coastal styling to the forefront. Whitewashed walls, woven textures, and blue accents make this space feel comfortable and welcoming.

An Easy Way to Bring a Beach Atmosphere to the Living Room

If you want to bring some beachy vibes to your living room, jute rugs and rattan accessories are an easy and affordable way to do it. Whether you live in a beach house or miles from the coast, coastal living room ideas can bring effortless vacation vibes to your home.

Blue is a simple yet mood-boosting color for creating a coastal feel, but don’t go too overboard. Work in warm neutral tones on upholstery, flooring and wood trims for an inviting look that’s as relaxed as it is stylish. Keep to a fail-safe coastal colour scheme of breezy blue and white teamed with weathered wood furniture and rustic woven matting. Mimic the look of sun-bleached wood paneling with a clever faux-effect plank-look wallpaper and incorporate a bookcase or shelving unit so you can create a display of coastal finds like storm lanterns, sea birds, pebbles, and shells.

Using reclaimed timber can help you create a coastal living room that has an organic look. The wood can add a rustic element to the space without feeling too heavy. Reclaimed wood can be used to create a variety of different products including flooring, wall paneling, and furniture. It can also be used to make mantels and fireplace surrounds.

An Eco-Friendly Choice with a Rustic Charm

It’s also an environmentally friendly option because it uses less energy to harvest, transport and process fresh wood. This reduces the impact on the environment and helps to protect trees from being cut down. Whether you want the warmth and charm of rustic or the clean and modern look of clear vertical grain (CVG) wood, reclaimed timber can be used to create the perfect finish for your home.

Floating shelves are a fantastic space-saving solution for storage in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. They are simple to install and add a designer look to any home. They are a great way to display books, framed photos, holiday souvenirs and other decorative items that you have collected over the years. They also make ideal storage for items that you don’t have room for in your cupboards or sideboards.

Unlike standard wall shelves, floating shelves are not attached to the walls but rather use brackets that are hidden inside the shelf panel. This allows them to float without appearing to support any weight, which is what makes them seem like they float in the air. If you want to give your coastal living room a little extra personality, throw pillows are the way to go. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they can be placed on any piece of furniture for an instant upgrade.

Tricks to Add Color to a Coastal Living Room

The trick is to choose the right ones for your room. Pillows that are too big or too small can look tacky and out of place. To avoid this, place large pillows in the back and small ones in front. That way, you can still see the details on smaller motifs or quotes without them being lost behind larger ones.

Whether you prefer a soft, tranquil space or something more lively, watercolor paintings are a great way to add color to your coastal living room. They’re easy to make, and they’re also a great way to personalize your space. Regardless of your aesthetic, it’s important to choose a size that works well in the space you’re decorating. This means choosing a large painting, such as 60 x 80 cm, that will be the perfect focal point in the room.

This eye-catching canvas showcases sailboats in subdued blue hues, so it’s the ideal piece for bringing coastal charm to your walls. Printed on artist-grade cotton canvas, it’s stretched over pine bars in a gallery-wrap style and arrives with wall hanging hardware.

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