Using Nautical Maps in Beach House Decor

620 – Beach House Decor is about simplicity and playfulness. You can add nautical maps to your walls to create a playful atmosphere. The map-inspired tablescapes are also a great way to incorporate nautical maps into your decor. You can also create your own DIY frames from decorative molding or fence boards. By incorporating nautical maps, you can create a unique tablescape that is both playful and practical. Beach-themed parties are the perfect excuse to incorporate nautical maps into your decor.

A Great Way To Decorate A Beach House

If you are decorating a beach house, consider using bold, contrasting colors, such as white and blue. Typically, beach houses feature contrasting colors, but you can choose a deeper blue for a more sophisticated look. Yellow also adds warmth to the room, while nautical-inspired accent pieces tie the theme together. Beach-inspired or coastal carvings can also be used as accent pieces. They will make the room pop. And remember that the colors in your beach house decor don’t have to be boring.

For a casual, laid-back beach house feel, you can use white walls, beaded-board paneling, painted wood floors, and nautical-themed coasters. You can also use navy pillows, brass accessories, and lush plants. You can also go for the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Scatterback Sofa, which has a beautiful warm umber finish and box seat cushions. If you are decorating a beach house for your own personal use, try to stay away from the typical beach-house cliches, such as coral or seashells.

If you want to create a relaxed, summery environment, you can use blues, woven materials, and other colors associated with the ocean. You can also add a coral replica or decorative objects that evoke the sands. For a more dramatic coastal look, consider adding some driftwood pieces as wall art or for your coffee table base. A few inexpensive beach-themed touches will transform your home into a beachside getaway.

Consider Adding a Starfish Decoration

Adding starfish decorations will bring a little bit of the sea to your home. Starfish and natural starfish are great beach decorations and will help to remind you of all the activities that take place there. You can also put small square signs in the rooms with beach-themed decor. A pair of starfish will greet your guests with the sound of the waves as they pass by. If you have a modern farmhouse, the nautical beaded wreath is a beautiful addition.

When choosing furniture for your beach house, make sure to choose materials that can withstand humidity and sand. Bamboo and woven wicker chairs are lightweight and inexpensive, and will look great when combined with other beach house decor. Plank panels on the walls will add some charm to your house. Be sure to choose wooden planks and paint them in beach-friendly colors. A coastal-inspired decor theme should always include a rug or rugs made of natural fibers like sea grass.

To add a coastal flair to your home, make sure to mix up coastal decor throughout the entire house. Coastal elements should be carried throughout the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. An interior designer named Laura Brophy created a lavish beach house that features a spacious open-plan living room with a beautiful view of the ocean. A coastal-inspired room is also a good choice if you want to evoke an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Traditional Coastal Interior Design

While traditional coastal interiors are more refined and tailored, beach house interiors are generally a more relaxed, organic style. A beach-style kitchen tends to have unfinished wood accents and natural textiles. A greige color palette adds a modern take on this style, but also includes the classic beach house colors. Choose pieces from Anthropology or Jenni Kayne to give your kitchen a coastal-inspired look. You can also find modern beach house decor at Pottery Barn and Jenni Kayne.

When it comes to choosing beach-themed furniture and decorations, simplicity is the key. Less is more, but you can still incorporate some hints of traditional Florida coastal design in your home. Try simple touches of white and blue in furniture and accessories to create a beach-inspired ambiance. Don’t go overboard with gaudy beach accessories, as this style can look overpowering. Instead, look for coastal-chic pieces that add a little nautical flair to your home.

Aside from beach-themed furnishings, beach-themed accents can add organic elements to any room. Sand vials, for example, are not the most exciting beach decor, and clutter up the kitchens of coastal rentals. Weathered wood is okay in small doses, but it’s best avoided in larger items like wall art. Old branches, bark with barnacles, and designs of the evil octopus are less attractive but can work in small amounts.

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