Bohemian Living Room Ideas For Your Interior Decorating

554 – If you have ever wondered what makes a Bohemian interior so appealing, consider a “Bohemian” living room design. These designs feature bold patterns, lots of plant life, and unusual textures like rustic teak deep seating, exposed brick walls, and lots of unpainted wood. In essence, these are “designer” colors that you’d see in an art gallery – but in your living room. When done well, a Bohemian design can make your home feel daring and unique.

Bohemian Style Furniture to Decorate Living Room

The first thing to consider when decorating a Bohemian living room is the furniture. Often, Bohemian furniture will use bold colors like blacks, browns, burnt yellows, and turquoise. Bold patterns like stripes or “wildflowers” might also be used, or the entire wall covered in artwork, pottery, or prints. Because this style is all about the environment, the furniture you choose should reflect this in some way – from the bold colors and patterns to the wood used.

One important aspect of Bohemian living room decorating is the use of natural elements. For example, because the walls are painted rather a lot of black, you want to use a few bold pieces of artwork hung against it (or on its own) to break up the monotony. To create interest in the room, you could hang wildflowers from the rugs or add a couple of baskets with wildflower seeds in them on the wall. If you really want to go wild, you could rope in some rattan from an old rocking chair and hang it from the rugs; the effect would be exotic and totally organic.

Once the Bohemian living room is furnished, you need to start adding in the Bohemian style furniture. As with the rugs and paintings, your choices are almost unlimited. You can find tables made of recycled materials, tables that are made from wicker, and various other materials. The choice of the table is probably the first thing you’ll consider when furnishing the room, so feel free to let your imagination go wild.

Popular Themes Bohemian Decoration

Themes are very popular in Bohemian decor, too, so feel free to choose different patterns and color schemes for each area of the room. For instance, for a black and white kitchen, choose interesting kitchen designs with different shades of reds and yellows. Likewise, for a fuchsia bathroom, choose geometric designs and patterns in the color scheme.

The most important piece of Bohemian decor in the room is obviously the coffee table. This is where you will display your artwork and other decorative items. Consider using an old, wood-planked coffee table instead of a modern metal or glass one. An old, solid oak coffee table looks very stylish against a modern wall, and it allows you to show off your decorative pieces without having to display them all over the room. Staining the table with an interesting stencil makes a great accent piece.

Attractive Bohemian Decoration Characteristics

Once you have the basics in place, you can really get into the nooks and crannies of your room and put in the different interesting pieces of Bohemian decorating. Purchase a variety of colorful beads and decorate the walls with them. Purchase unusual candles from thrift stores and burn them in candle holders with interesting patterns on them. Hang pictures of animals, nature, or people in unusual places on the wall. Place unique antiques in the room and create a focal point by displaying different antique objects.

These living room ideas will certainly bring a new appeal to your home. Be sure to choose colors that are vibrant and that fit in with the Bohemian design style that you have chosen. You can get Bohemian interior designers to help you achieve this look and make the experience even easier for you. This is a fantastic way to add some originality and personality to your home while still maintaining a sense of calm and elegance.

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