Small Bohemian Apartment Living Room Decor

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset – Living in a small Bohemian apartment can be both freeing and stressful. On one hand you have the charm and mystique of living in a small, quaint, and beautiful place with all the amenities needed for an everyday life. But there is the stress of having to make a lot of compromises in order to preserve the little privacy you have and to make sure that your belongings are not considered public property. Here are some things that can help you make the transition easier.

Small Bohemian Apartment Decor

Choose wisely when buying your small Bohemian apartment decor. Bohemian design can mean many different things to many different people. But for most it consists of using vintage clothing, old photographs, Native American pottery, and organic materials that bring to mind the Native Americans of our past. It can also mean that you go for a color scheme that is reminiscent of the colors found in the wild. Use bright colors and natural elements to create a beautiful space that is unique to you.

If you plan on decorating your small apartment living room as a social haven, then you may want to think about incorporating the native American theme into your decorating. There are so many great options available for small Bohemian living room themes, such as rustic barn wood, Native American prints, Indian leather blankets, and southwest decor. Just find something that you really love and that fits in with the other items in your home as well.

For more of a quiet and personal look, consider using Native American painted pottery for your small apartment living room decor. The great thing about using authentic artwork is that you can get a large variety of style and shapes, as well as colors to match any color scheme. Paintings come in subjects such as birds and wildlife, landscapes, flowers, Indian designs, and nature scenes.

Small Bohemian Apartment Color Combination and Design

For an authentic look, you can use southwest decor in your small apartment living room decorating. Use rich hues of brown and red like those found in the Mexican landscape paintings for inspiration, or choose browns, tans, and burnt orange in contrast. Use bold colors such as reds and turquoise, as well as earth toned tones like olive green or sage greens. Your small Bohemian apartment will be charming and interesting with the right combination of colors and design.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are many small Bohemian apartment decorating ideas for just a few dollars that will be perfect for your small apartments! For example, make use of aged wood furniture pieces that you find at auctions or thrift stores. Also, consider using old resin art pieces that you can paint on. You can use bold colors such as red and turquoise and have unique lamps and curtains that have vintage designs that date back to the 1950s. Remember, this is all about originality and taking pride in being a little different. It’s fun to get a little out of the normal and try new things, especially when it comes to decorating small apartments.

Bohemian Apartment Small Living Room Decoration Rug Addition

Another way to decorate a small Bohemian apartment living room is to add a rug that has a shape of a bird or animal in it. A rug like this can be made from wool with a Persian geometric print, for example, or from cotton with a geometric print pattern. This type of rug is great because it immediately adds warmth to the room, giving a welcoming feel and accentuating the color scheme. Because the rug itself is small, it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of the room, and you can even change it around depending on the seasons. If you live in a warm climate, you can place the Persian geometric print rug in front of a large window, and in cold weather you can place it in front of a small open window.

When choosing a small Bohemian apartment living room rug, it’s important to know what to look for. A good rug should have an interesting pattern that is either geometric or floral. The rug should stand out as a focal point in the room, and compliment the colors and decor of the rest of the space. Don’t get something too busy or complicated, because it will overpower the space. A small rug can be the perfect focal point decorator.

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