Add Pink to Your Home

622 – When decorating your new home one of the things you may consider is the pink living room. With all the cute pink decorations and accessories that can be found it may seem like a good thing to decorate your new home in pink. Although for some this may be a little too girly and feminine and not quite masculine enough, you will find that there are many other options that can help to make your home a place you want to spend time.

Considerations in Decorating the Living Room

There are several different styles that you might consider when decorating your pink living room. Bright pink living room with pale glass-paneled doors and windows allowing natural light to enter. It has a large brown sofa paired with a large glass-top coffee table, which sits upon a light blue velvet rug. Charming pink living room decorated with delicate pink wall sconces and light pink window treatments designed with tie-dye weaved fabric and lace trim on the arms with deep purples on the neckline and dresser.

The walls are lined with deep maroon and pink stripes with accents of pale purple wallpaper. The carpet is mostly an off white with a few gray strands here and there. Very feminine pink living room design ideas. The addition of a pink drapes gives this room a fresh clean feel. A modern black and white checkered pattern made of tassels that hang from the ceiling and along the walls adds a touch of fun to the design. Complete the look with a pair of pink suede chairs with a pale pink table and a large crystal lamp on one side of the room.

Add a touch of color with a light pink shade that runs along the walls all the way to the ceiling. There is a pink terracotta plant with a green trunk that would make a wonderful accessory. Another idea is to install a terracotta skirting along the walls as well as the floors. This would provide a continuous pink colored shade all the way from the terrace to the ceiling. With terracotta skirting tiles on the walls do not have to be dark and dull.

Pink Living Room Design Ideas

In pink living room design ideas, you might consider adding some pink glass items like a small glass coffee table or a mirrored television screen. A few pillows and throw pillows for the chairs add finishing touches. For a really feminine touch, there are pink dish towels and throw pillows. Finish off the look with some pink lighting fixtures and a few wall sconces. Remember to keep neutral colors in the guest bedroom so your daughter can still use her pastel pink bedroom.

Pink is a popular color but not well known among most people because of its strong yellow undertones. However, if you pair pink with a blue hue, you get a softer, more relaxed color combination than orange and purple. The neutral shades of pink complement any hue quite well so this hue is one of the most versatile of all the colors.

Make the Pink Living Room More Standout

If you want your pink living room to stand out a bit more, you can paint one wall in a deep pink. If you use this color on just one wall, be sure to blend it in with the other colors in the room. Then finish off the appearance with a darker shade of the same color on the remaining walls. To give your interior some depth, add one light piece of art on the wall that contrasts strongly with the pink. Art such as watercolors or oil paintings will bring life to the space.

A few other pink touches to incorporate in the room include adding pink cushions to the chair and sofa or adding upholstered furniture in a pink color. Remember to choose pieces that go with your interior design. If your walls are painted a neutral tone, try pairing your chairs, tables, lamps and other accessories with those colors. Finish off your interior design with a couple of throw pillows in pink or lavender. No matter how you decide to combine your modern style with traditional pink, you’re sure to end up with a charming space that will make your family feel like it’s home away from home.

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