Design Ideas for a Nordic Dining Room

611 – The beauty of a Scandinavian dining room design is evident by the expansive amount of open floor space combined with dramatic, bold colors. The focus in these designs is on large open spaces with simple furniture and furnishings. The main architectural features of this interior style are to set up fewer pieces on display and yet create the room as open and simple as possible. The key features of the Scandinavian tradition are the widespread use of natural and white colored materials throughout the home. The use of warm colors like brown, peach, and yellow create an atmosphere that one can feel at ease in.

Style of a Traditional Scandinavian Interior Design

In the style of a traditional Scandinavian interior design, the dining area is usually separated from the kitchen by a wooden or stone bridge. This bridge gives the dining area a sense of private space and allows the diner to have a more private conversation with the chef. The bridge also provides ample opportunities for displaying a wealth of fresh flowers, fresh fruit, and cheeses. Also in use is an overhead wooden steamer that can be raised to provide a steamy drying area. The use of such steamers has been shown to improve meal preparation time by eliminating the need to constantly reheat food and enabling cooks to devote more time cooking instead of prepping and cleaning up.

In many of the Scandinavian interior styles, it is important to utilize solid wood furnishings. The primary components of a Scandinavian dining room set should be the three main chairs (at least two of which are wider than the others), a large table, and a set of matching stools. When decorating the area, it is wise to utilize dark and light colored woods to create a feeling of depth and to create a visually balanced room. The use of warm and cool colors also helps to create an atmosphere that is comfortable as well as inviting.

Choosing Scandinavian Dining Room Furniture Pieces

When selecting the Scandinavian dining room furniture pieces, it is wise to match the flooring to the interior theme of the home. A typical Scandinavian dining room set will consist of wood, stone, and metal. A typical seating arrangement will include a round table with four chairs, and then additional side tables and benches may be added. For the flooring, traditional black or dark grey marble flooring will work very well. Depending on personal preference, the flooring may be kept relatively “just so” or decorated in an artistic way. In addition to the flooring, the finishes of the wood furniture should also be selected to complement the Scandinavian interior design style.

The dining room table is where all conversations will likely occur, so the table is critical to the overall look and feel of the room. A Scandinavian dining room table design will include one to three chairs, with side tables and even benches for additional guests. Typically, the actual table will be raised up off of the ground, giving the table a very rustic look. Finishes on the wood furniture should be warm brown, giving the piece a rich feel, while the marble and metal finishes provide a sleek, sophisticated look.

Scandinavian Dining Room Essentials

The walls are probably the most important element of a Scandinavian dining room, and again, the colors used will be determined by personal taste. In general, the darker the colors, the more traditional the look and feel. However, a traditional color palette might include reds, tans, golds, purples, and blues.

In terms of the actual design, the furniture and decor used throughout the interior design should be very complementary to the color palette. Nordic art work is very ornate, using proportion and skill in design. Color palettes will typically be limited to whites, blacks, grays, and earth tones. Accent colors can come from the fabric on the walls, patterns, and even stained glass. If you want to go all out, use red velvet curtains as your valance and tie them to the top of your dining room table.


The lighting you use on the Scandinavian dining room table should be quite dim since you want to create the illusion of a much larger space. Chandeliers can actually be used, as long as you place them on the ceiling. Smaller chandeliers look great hanging from the ceiling, but if you would like to create an opulent atmosphere, consider the addition of pendant lights. These give a soft glow under the table, creating a romantic atmosphere. Pendant lights are also ideal for the dining room, because they are so versatile and can easily be moved.

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