Industrial Home Decorating Ideas

606 – Industrial design originally began off as a serious and strong type of interior designing, typifying sleek and contemporary brushed concrete floors to equate something raw and grungy. But as industrial home decor evolved more frequent themes, styles and influences were blended into this more experimental interior decor. This movement is known as “pop-art”, or more specifically “anarchistic”. Pop art actually began as part of the anti-modernist movement, with people such as Andy Warhol portraying scenes that appeared to be random scenes from the lives of people at large.

Household Furniture Made of Wood

Now, it seems as if industrial home furnishings have taken on the reputation of being that rebellious, anti-intellectual type of decoration that was once associated with art movements. People are decorating homes such as their bedroom, living room, and bathroom with furniture which is either very thick and dark wood or very colorful and light wood. Some people are even decorating entire rooms with only industrial home furnishings, such as using only industrial shelving units for storage, instead of furniture such as dressers or desks.

This can actually be seen as part of the reason why industrial home design has grown in popularity. This type of home design has its own appeal to it which cannot be achieved by using more conventional home designs. For instance, many modern aesthetic themes require you to have clean lines and symmetry within the rooms. You cannot achieve this type of clean lines and symmetry through the use of industrial home furniture. Although, when you look closely, there can be plenty of character and personality in the industrial style, such as through the use of different textures and finishes, such as the use of matte or glossy finish.

Industrial Home Design Tips

One of the most popular items, which are used in industrial home design is exposed brick. Brick can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on where the industrial home design is located. In some instances, exposed brick can be used to create a very bold type of industrial home design, such as in a row of exposed brick running down the sides of a room, which is then finished off with metal lighting fixtures. In other instances, exposed brick can be used in a more subtle way, such as in the use of varying color brick colors, creating a unique appearance that is interesting.

Another popular item in industrial home decor ideas is the use of steel detailing. Some examples of this would be stainless steel appliances which have artfully placed brackets around the edge of a refrigerator, or exposed steel detailing which is applied to cabinets, tables, and shelves. Other examples would be exposed wire detailing which is applied to the wires, pipes, and ductwork. In addition to the use of steel detailing, many companies also use heavy-duty plastic molding and tubing in their industrial-style design.

Most Popular Industrial Home Decoration Ideas

When it comes to industrial home decor ideas, it is important to remember that this is an interior design idea that requires careful planning and implementation. In order to achieve this chic look, it is crucial to choose the right building materials and accessories. As stated above, metal detailing is one popular option to consider, especially if the building is one that will be used in an industrial capacity. If the building is a domestic structure, then using a variety of bold colors is also a great way to achieve the chic effect. It is also important to take into consideration the security levels in the home or business, which may restrict the types of decorations that are possible.

In order to achieve an industrial look, homeowners should also pay special attention to the architectural aspects of the home. One example of this would be the high ceilings that many commercial buildings have. In homes, it is often impossible to have high ceilings because there is no other way for the ceiling to be reached. This is why the industrial style may focus its attention on the floor plan, making use of vertical stripes on the walls in order to give the illusion of height. It is also important to make sure that the home’s lighting fixtures are not in the way of the desired view, as this could cause a serious safety concern. In industrial buildings, it is often impossible to have high ceilings, so the homeowners must find other means of adding height to the walls.

The industrial decor style is certainly not for everyone. Before deciding that it would be a good idea to incorporate this decorating theme into a home, a person must thoroughly consider their own personal situation. There are those who feel that a lighter and less busy scheme would work better for them, as it would seem like they are taking away space without anything really being lost. For those looking for a more bold home decor style, it is important to consider all options before moving forward with any decisions.

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