Different Ideas for Industrial Dining Room Design


4nids.com – Looking for inspiration on how to decorate an industrial dining room? Look at these great ideas below and be inspired. Clean, simple, durable, and practical is how to describe an industrial dining room. Brick walls, upholstered wood, industrial metal and concrete furniture with their sleek finishes they all together just looks amazing.

Creating an Industrial Style Dining Room

You can add some industrial design to your industrial dining room with a wooden table in wrought iron. Adding some wall art is also a great idea to go along with the dark wood. For an even more industrial look and heavy duty metal wall panels on either side of the wooden dining table with the cushioned chairs in white or black. This is a great combination for a cafe-style setting.

There are many choices for industrial dining rooms such as metal and steel walls and ceilings with wooden frames. If you have the room, paint the walls gray, black, or beige. Black and white are popular colors for industrial interior design. Don’t forget the counter tops! Stainless steel, ceramic, and Lucite are all popular counter tops in industrial dining rooms.

Types of Industrial Dining Room Furniture

You can accent this room with several different types of industrial dining furniture. You have the choice of upholstered wood boards with decorative brackets. Some models are equipped with open shelving units. There are no problems with humidity from eating and cleaning, because the walls are sealed and washable. When cooking, place the coal rack next to the stove for even cooking and maximum ventilation.

Table tops and chairs came in various shapes, sizes and colors. If you decide to go with the classic industrial dining room style, you will not have any problem finding classic looking chairs, tables and stools. However, if you want your dining rooms to be more unique, there are several options for you. For example, you may have the option of a folding stool with open shelf space under, or a wall mounted one with open shelves and drawer style seating.

The Importance of Lighting in an Industrial Dining Room

Lighting is another important aspect of the industrial dining room interior design. You may choose to go with fluorescent lighting, under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting and decorative touches such as iron finials. You should keep in mind that the fluorescent lights will wash out any colors that you want to show off. Under cabinet lighting is useful when you do not have a lot of floor space, and you can put several small fixtures under the cabinet to illuminate the area. Pendant lighting and wall sconces are also good choices for this type of room. Consider how much natural light your space gets, and use that as a guide to choose the right light fixtures for the space.

The industrial dining room design may include a brick wall, or you may choose to put up a felt area rug instead. If you choose to go with the brick wall, make sure it has enough depth for you to lay down a table without worrying about it slipping. You could also use an area rug to dress up the brick walls. Area rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also durable enough to withstand wear and tear from regular use. The felt area rugs are easy to clean and maintain, making them a smart choice for industrial settings.

Lighting should be considered at every stage of the design. If you are working with an industrial setting, you can use fluorescent lights to show off artwork and work pieces. Under cabinet lights and pendant lights can provide you with soft lighting, while heavy duty lighting is great for showing off photos or large paintings. You can also add lighting to the walls, but if this is done too thick, you risk muddying up the area. A thin layer of wall lighting will do the trick in most cases.

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