Decorating Your Kitchen With Shabby Chic

517 – There is a certain air of romance to shabby chic kitchen design, which some people love. It is a romantic idea of using faded, used items to create a look of warmth, use, and indulgence. When done well, it can add a lot of style to an otherwise dull room. And the best thing is that this style of decor is surprisingly easy to use.

The Idea of Creating a Shabby Chic Dapur Kitchen

In order to create a shabby chic kitchen, you need to start by selecting a color scheme. Choose a color scheme that has hints of the color you want to see in your furniture, walls, cabinetry, and floor covering. The shabby chic kitchen will appear very unique if the color scheme is not the same as the other parts of the house. If you do want to keep a similar color scheme, then you can coordinate your colors throughout your entire home; just be sure that the shades you choose for the walls, cabinets, and floor covering will complement each other.

Once you have selected a paint color, then you are ready to pick out your interior design accessories. For a shabby chic kitchen, you want to find just the right furniture to make your space feel like it’s from a France villa. You can achieve this look with heavy, dark woods, or even a very basic mixture of distressed wood and fabric. Corot furniture is popular for this style of interior design because the furniture is made of a hardwood frame covered in wicker or linseed oil, making it strong, durable, and easy to clean.



You also have a few options when choosing paint for your shabby chic kitchen. The most popular paint colors for this type of decor are browns, burnt yellows, burnt blues, and creams. In addition to the paint colors, you can opt for different shades of textures for the walls, such as sheers, broths, or distressed wood. Many interior design magazines today recommend warm, inviting shabby chic shades for kitchens, which help you achieve the look of a French country kitchen.

Complementing the Decoration with Accessories and Wall Hanging

When decorating your shabby chic kitchen, you also have a few options for decorating accents. Because this style of decor highlights the natural elements found in the environment around you, your accent walls should include things such as rustic metal garden furniture, old painted bottles, and animal figurines. In addition to wall art and accessories, you can add shabby chic accent lamps, candle holders made of pottery, and vintage mirrors to complete your cozy, French farmhouse theme kitchen.

Shabby chic kitchens often use simple white cabinetry on walls and countertops, with a generous amount of pictures on the walls. Because this is a style that naturally showcases the items you love, you might find that your shabby chic kitchen cabinets are lined with photos of your children, your dogs, or your favorite pets. You can also line the shelves with pictures of you and your spouse as a couple. As mentioned earlier, you should opt for very heirloom-quality cabinetry when decorating a shabby chic kitchen, so that it will be durable and easy to clean. Because your cabinets will be the main piece of furniture in the room, you should ensure that they are the most visually appealing and the most appropriate for the space.

Characteristics of the Shabby Chic Kitchen

The Shabby Chic kitchen has a very distinctive look, which is enhanced by the unique fabrics and furnishings you can find in the style. In addition to the paint color, you can choose between a distressed paint finish or one that is pre-lit. If you want a lighter, airy appearance, then choose a white paint finish. In terms of the fabric, choose a floral print that is soft and subtle. White is a good choice because it is neutral, yet complimentary, no matter what color is chosen for the breakfast table.

While you’re planning out your shabby chic kitchen design, don’t forget the accessories. Use coordinating colors and textures on all the pieces of furniture, cabinets, hutch, floor coverings, and accessories to complete your stylish space. To complete the look, top off the design with a floral print on the wall or a table, and you have turned a chic space into a functional one.

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