Design the Perfect Hollywood Glam Kitchen

822 – Hollywood Glam Kitchen is one of the most popular styles of kitchens to be found in homes today. Hollywood Glam is a generic term used by some circles to describe an overall style, and at others it’s applied more specifically to an interior design theme. It’s often associated with the styling of contemporary homes with mid-century modern furnishings and interior styling themes. If you’re considering remodeling your home, consider incorporating the Hollywood glamour style into your kitchen. Read on for tips on how to create a glamorous looking kitchen.

Hollywood Glam Kitchen Design Ideas

Choose classy and stylish cabinetry In addition to being a focal point of the Hollywood glam kitchen, your cabinets need to be the envy of the block. Cabinetry made from dark wood or dark colored solid materials can provide a sleek modern look. Glass and brushed nickel cabinet hardware can add a sense of distinction. Granite or marble countertop surfaces add another touch of class to a chic kitchen island.

Choose a variety of textured and colorful designs. Dark polished unfinished oak cabinets are an elegant classic choice for a Hollywood glam kitchen design, but you can also opt for polished chrome and brushed metal finishes. Textured, distressed, and gold metallic finishes are also popular choices for this type of decor.

Use textured and layered finishes One of the hallmarks of a Hollywood glam kitchen design is the use of textured and layered finishes. textured wood and suede finish furnishings add a sophisticated feel to the room. Many textured furnishings may be painted with a rose gold or silver color to coordinate with your lighting scheme.

Choosing a Backsplash Tile Design

Use backsplash tile If you have the opportunity to choose a tile design that coordinates with your decorative style, then you will find that backsplash tile can be a glamorous addition to your kitchen. The addition of a backsplash tile in the kitchen can provide a glamorous look even when the rest of the kitchen is furnished in a more traditional or country look.

Go for mid-century modern While the basic structure of most contemporary kitchens is influenced by the mid-century modern era, you can add interesting elements of that era to your kitchen by choosing transitional style countertops and kitchen cabinetry. The transition element is made by using white and black in the countertops and appliances. The cabinets may be painted a neutral white or black and you may decide on a raised platform that features a stainless steel or copper countertop.

Use white furniture You do not need to go all out and break out the yellow kitchen chair to create a Hollywood glam look. White furniture such as tables and vanities, white cabinets and white flooring can be used to great effect to pull together a look that is inspired by the Hollywood glamour era. Use accent tables and candlelit white cabinets to pull together a perfect look that combines modern with classic styling.

Tips to Install Hollywood Glamor Kitchen Theme

Install white tile backsplash  Although you may be tempted to install a dark cabinet and stone countertops in your Hollywood glam kitchen, the warm tones of reds and oranges that are usually featured in the theme should be softened. Instead, install a white cabinet and stone countertop that feature warm tones like chocolate and browns. In addition to adding an updated look and feel, a white cabinet and stone countertop are also very practical because it helps you to save space and cut back on your electric bill.

Go bold. If your budget does not allow for purchasing expensive furniture, you can always go bold and start adding bold pieces to your kitchen. For example, if you love the elegant brown classic sofa that is featured in most Hollywood movies, you can replace it with a black sofa and black accent table to add some extra brio to the room. Alternatively, if your favorite movie character is Gorilla Glass, you can purchase several black tableware and ceramic cookware to create a futuristic look. The point is to be as crazy as you can when you design your Hollywood chic glam kitchen.

Additions Featuring Hollywood Glamor Kitchen Designs

Use modern laminate cabinets. In addition to featuring bold designs, look for modern laminate cabinets that feature sleek lines and a shiny finish. You can incorporate a geometric pattern into your contemporary kitchen design or incorporate a futuristic design to match your favorite film theme. The modern laminate cabinets can then be finished with white marble countertops in order to complete the look of your Hollywood kitchen. For the flooring, you can choose from a variety of interesting textures, such as polished concrete or rough stone tiles, which can add a rustic element to your Hollywood glam kitchen.

Install a tile backsplash. Finish off your Hollywood kitchen with a large wall of glass art and a black or white tile backsplash. The glass art can be displayed on a mirror above the stove, or you can place it in the pantry so you can show off your art collection. A tile backsplash completes the look of a Hollywood glam kitchen.

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