Starting Points For an Eclectic Bedroom and Kitchen Design Trend

879 – Bohemian Interior Design is the latest trend in interior decoration. This design is characterized by rich colours, natural elements, handmade or eclectic pieces and unconventional designs. Today, designers are using Bohemian interior design principles to generate a unique and stylish look for homes and offices. To give you an idea of what this kind of interior designing is all about, read on.

Designing a Stylish Yet Simple Home Interior

To begin, Bohemian interior style is not just for people living in the city or those who have a fancy for unique furnishings and unusual objects. It actually refers to any interiors that are full of colour, movement, texture, and vibrancy. In other words, it’s a more colourful yet simple approach to interior design. This design principle is refined with rich, natural elements while using practical layering and simple elements to make a colourful, dynamic interior. Today, designers are introducing you to some particular Bohemian interior design styles and layering ideas so that you can design a stylish but simple home interior or create a very unique personalised interior for your customers.

The key to this fabulous interior design is using lots of texture and natural elements. For instance, rustic wooden pieces or clay tiles on walls in the Bohemian living room design can add a very warm and inviting effect. Then, choose fabrics with strong natural tones of cream, green and gold. Add cushions with bold prints and animal prints that match the walls and furniture. An eclectic collection of plates, cups and saucers will further enhance the Bohemian living room design.

Bohemian Boho Living Room Design

Bohemian boho living room design by interior designer, . The name Bohemian comes from the German word Bohemian meaning “bitter,” or “wild-goose”. The style is best known for its use of colours, textures and fabrics that are uniquely Bohemian. A more traditional, country-like style might combine velvet curtains with earthy tones such as cotton, linen and wood-grained paper to create an authentic Bohemian vibe.

Traditional rugs and pillows for the Bohemian style can be quite abundant. Rugs can be made of wool, cotton, sisal and ramie and are often very colorful. The colours can include blues, greens, reds, yellows, ochre, browns and native American prints. Because Bohemian style tends to be eclectic, you’ll probably find a large variety of patterns – this can include floral, geometric, abstract, folk and tribal patterns, among others.

Another feature of Bohemian styles is their use of texture. Natural materials are used for rugs, throws, cushions and wall art – including wool, wool and chenille. Textures can include stripes, embroidery and hand-sewn designs in bright, unusual colours. Some people have gone so far as to have a bamboo rug or cushion with a Native American style design.

Use of Colour and Patterns in Bohemian Home Interiors

Use of colour and patterns in Bohemian home interiors is on the wild side. Mixing and matching colours and patterns is common. One colour may be paired with stripes, another with a rustic, earthy pattern. Some designers keep their walls totally white. Others choose earth tones for their walls and cushions, paired with unusual textured patterns, colourful cushions and rugs.

Bohemian interior design is a personality that’s truly on the wild side. Some of the elements listed above are very unique and have no parallel in traditional styles. Some designers might mix and match several of these elements to create something completely unique. A lot of this comes from the natural wildlife that’s featured in some Bohemian interiors. It’s a way to make an environment that’s absolutely unique, yet somehow still very much in keeping with the roots of Bohemian culture.

The Bohemian interior design styles listed above aren’t the only ones available, as you can see by searching online. If you want to get a jump on the curve, there are many online Bohemian interior design styles that you can choose from. You can get a feel for some of the possibilities when it comes to Bohemian design, but nothing will give you an idea of how the interior of your future home will look until you actually go and check it out.

The Perfect Combination Of Bohemian Gardens And Furniture

The Bohemian interior design trend involves more than just plants and furniture. In fact, it includes everything in your house: walls, furnishings, lighting, textures, fabrics, and accents. You don’t need to use any particular animal prints or materials to bring together a very eclectic blend of organic designs, unconventional colours, unusual textures, and unusual textures and patterns that combine perfectly with plant life and furniture items.

So if you’re looking for an exotic, distinctive, and stylish starting point for your interior design, consider starting out with a Bohemian style. It’s a fun and creative style that combines elements of the exotic and the rustic with elements of the contemporary and the traditional. Once you have a good foundation, you can add in pieces and features that fit with the general style of your house. For example, you might decide to start out with rustic furnishings, then introduce more modern pieces that would fit with the natural wood of your cabinets and with more playful colours that match the colour of your wood flooring. Your living room could be finished off with a contemporary couch, accentuated with an unusual piece or sculpture that matches the design of your walls, while your bedroom’s look could be rounded and eclectic, starting with an accent wall colour that ties in with your bedding and your existing bedroom furniture.

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