The Joy of Bohemian Interior Decor

785 – If you are thinking of designing a home that evokes an American boho chic, then Bohemian interior designing may be for you. This style is characterized primarily by warm earthy hues, rustic woods, natural fabrics, and the frequent use of eclectic contemporary materials, such as ceramic tile, distressed wood, earth tones, and metal. The Bohemian style most commonly known as Boho style typically uses a blend of rich, eclectic colors with a healthy dose of a vintage touch.

Bohemian Interior Characteristics

A typical characteristic of Bohemian interior decorating is its irregular use of color. Most people associate Bohemian colors with a youthful, Bohemian feel, but the term actually applies to any unconventional color scheme. Colors like black, white, and nude red are commonly used in a Bohemian environment. Other color schemes may include rich browns, burnt yellows, blues, greens, oranges, tans, and other hues. Textures like brick pavers, distressed wood, aged, distressed wood, and cobblestone floors add additional interest to a Bohemian interior design.

Because Bohemian interior style is so wildly different from the rest of the interior decorating world, it’s easy to get carried away when choosing what elements to include. For example, you can choose to paint your walls all black, or you can choose to use gold trim on your doors and windows. Your sofa and chairs should also be either black brown or nude colored. To add interest to a room decorated in this style, consider adding vintage pieces, vintage paintings, or a few objects that would have been found in an old Bohemian home, such as a surfboard, a jug, a crystal skull, or even a bottle of vintage perfume. Vintage accessories can really pull an entire Bohemian interior design together.

Choose to Use an Open Floor Plan

Many Bohemian decorators choose to use open floor plans with lots of windows for maximum light and space. Open floor plans are also great if you want a very airy feel in your home. If you live in an older home, you may find that certain carefree decorating techniques work well in the original architectural plan. For example, by choosing curved slats for window treatments, you can create the impression of a wider space, giving your room a more airy look. You can take care of some problems of carefree design styles by adding a touch of eccentricity, such as using unusual sconces on the walls, or a table with an odd shape, perhaps shaped like a half shell.

Plants are another way to add interest to Bohemian interior decorating. Bohemian designers tend to like natural products, especially when it comes to bed frames, window treatments, plant stands, etc. They tend to place plants along the walls, in bed frames, in small pots, etc., rather than placing plants on large concrete plant stands. Some designers even use plants in unusual pots on their coffee tables, on garden benches, etc. If you have an odd shaped windows or doors, you can use that space to plant colorful pots in unusual ways.

Rustic Bed Frames and Pillows

Rustic bed frames and pillows are another popular touch of Bohemian interior decoration. Rustic bed frames are a great way to make a bedroom more natural and simple. These items are usually made out of wood or metal, with soft stuffing and decorative shapes carved into them.

In the Bohemian interior decorating styles of San Francisco, California, sofas are very common. Sofas are a way to make a sofa stand out, to create a unique seating area. Depending on the Bohemian interior decorator, an eclectic mix of leather and fabric is sometimes used. Seating can include anything from an antique end table to a funky bean bag chair.

Bohemian style sofas can be decorated in a variety of ways, depending on the designer and the space available. The great thing about this style of interior decoration is that you can use whatever colors you want. Most people like bold colors, such as red, orange and black. There are no rigid rules, no need for theme planning, no need to fit furniture to the room. You are free to be yourself and let your imagination take you where it will.

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