Bright Pink Home Decor – From a Bedroom to a Nursery

702 – “I just moved into my new pink home. Does it have to be pink? Why are the prices so high in my new neighborhood?” These are questions many new home buyers ask when moving into a new or changing neighborhood.

The specialty of the Pink Home

“A bright pink home…it just screams ‘high-end!’ Or, ‘my family and I will live here comfortably for years to come.’ What qualities are desirable in a future home? I’m sure there are many. When researching homes in my area, I compared characteristics of houses similar in style, floor plan, and color.

My personal criteria included square footage, proximity to grocery stores, convenient public transportation, convenient parking, and access to schools and parks. After narrowing down the criteria for my potential home location, I looked at different styles and finishes for each feature. I selected two: one with a traditional wood color and one with a bright pink color scheme. Both homes were equally welcoming and comfortable. The difference between the two homes was the color scheme.

My first impression of the bright pink home was that it would be difficult to keep clean. However, upon visiting the home, it became obvious that this was not the case. The living room and entrance areas were very clean, and all items were placed exactly where they were supposed to be. As a real estate agent, I know that showing cleanliness and simplicity are important selling points.

Pink Home Decor Style

Another big plus for this pink home decor style was the carpeting. The carpeting was full of color and patterns and it had a nice elegant look. When I had walked into a traditional home, it was very easy to tell that it had a high quality floor covering. With pink furniture, it is so inviting.

If you choose to use pink home decor as your new design theme, there are several options for accessories. One of the most important decisions that an interior designer will make is the choice of paint colors. The pink home decor style is all about complimentary colors. A traditional pink room could include cream walls with a white top or vice versa. Pinks look beautiful against white and can even be used to create a monochromatic room.

Other key accessories include the pink doorbell, pink faucets, and pink cabinet knobs. Key chains with pink elements are an inexpensive way to add fun pop of color. In addition to the interior design, you will want to pay special attention to details like the pink door handles. They should be smooth and unique. The faucets should be soft and inviting.

Selection of the Right Furniture

One area where pink home decor really shines is in the furniture. You can use pink sofa sets or cushions to create a pink living room. The beauty of the pink sofa set comes from the natural tones of cream and beige. Cushions on the other hand, can be dressed up with a pair of bright pink cushions. As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate pink elements into your home decorating.

Adding a few bright pink lamps to your bedroom can make it feel more feminine. A pink picture frame with an old rose or lily tattoo on it can add an interesting pop of color. There are also many pink photo albums to choose from, if you don’t have a nice collection lying around. If you haven’t painted yet, then an oil on cotton canvas print would be a nice touch. The canvas should be bright pink with bold imagery and feminine calligraphy.

When it comes to living rooms, the options are almost endless. You could go with a black and white living room, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just look around at some photos in magazines and books to get inspired ideas. Then you can mix and match furniture and accessories. For instance, a modern coffee table with a marble top would work in a pink home decor style. Add pink lighting and you have the perfect room to entertain friends and family in.

Tips for Arranging Pink Home Furniture

If you are working with a small space, then you should keep the pink elements to a minimum. Keep the furniture bright and neutral so it doesn’t overpower the space. One idea is to use pink cabinet doors as the top of a bright pink door, then use dark shelving and a dark glass top on the rest of the cabinets. Another idea is to put pink laminate flooring throughout. Flooring in this color can be found just about anywhere, including outlet malls, furniture stores, and department stores.

If you have the space for it, then you could always hire a designer to put in pink furniture and pink accents. This is a great way to bring the color into your home without it overwhelming. Just remember that a bright pink home decor theme can work both in and out of the house. Remember that the furniture is only one of many important elements that you need to pull it all together.

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