Tips For a Small Scandinavian Living Room With a Gray Color Scheme

708 – Small Scandinavian living rooms are quite popular these days. These are especially ideal for small homes or apartments because of their versatility and functionality. If you own a property in the countryside and want to make it feel like an oasis, this design is definitely for you. You can create a cozy atmosphere without sacrificing any of the modernity of your apartment. This is because of its subdued color scheme, warm flooring and rich furnishings.

Creating Scandinavian Interior Designs

Scandinavian interior design would suit anyone who loves to spend their spare time in nature. This is a decor which can be stunning to behold. It offers a cozy, airy space, yet adds warmth and comfort, creating a truly cozy decor. The Scandinavian style focuses on the incorporation of natural materials and the utilization of light to make a home that will feel both rich and earthy at once.

Scandinavian small Scandinavian living room interior designs feature heavily on the usage of natural light. Huge windows are covered with old-fashioned large shutters. Huge skylights take the place of the large and old-fashioned chimneys, which were commonly used in these kinds of decor. Natural light helps minimize the darkening effect of indoor environments and provides the room with enough natural lighting.

Neutral Colors Used Small Scandinavian Living Room Decoration

Colors used in small Scandinavian living room decor are generally neutral. Black and gray are commonly used, though a lighter shade of gray may also be used. Shades of beige or cream may also be used for color, though the use of more vibrant colors, such as burgundy or red, may be used for larger pieces such as furniture or accent pieces.

Elements of the ancient are often included in small Scandinavian living room decor. Rough wood furniture is prominently featured; items feature wooden China cups, platters, and side boards often have pictures or designs on them. Dark colored walls are another element of the ambiance; wall art featuring moss and lichen will help the ambiance, and wallpaper in shades of gray and black can further lend a feeling of depth to the environment.

Scandinavian Small Living Room Lighting And Furniture

Lighting is another key component of the small Scandinavian living room with a grey sofa, a cozy area, and light color scheme. Gray metal lighting, especially overhead lighting, will add depth and dimension to the environment. Candles, which feature a dark colored wax ring and candle holders with intricate carvings may be used to add to the ambient. Crystal chandeliers, which include semi-precious and diamond pieces, may also be used, along with candles in various shapes, sizes, and floral designs. Track lighting can be added around the edges of the table, or track lighting over the ceiling. Wall sconces or candles in various sizes and locations around the room may also be used to enhance the ambiance.

Texture, too, plays an important role in a small Scandinavian living room with a gray color scheme. Rough wood furniture with dark, earth-tone colors will help achieve the look. Sets that feature plain, solid wood, or a table set that has a variety of interesting, handcrafted pieces will help achieve the ambiance desired. Furniture with upholstered finishes such as leather or upholstered fabric, will also help the space appear warm and inviting. Cushions on the chairs, coffee tables, and side tables can be in light or dark colors to further add warmth to the look.

Gray color scheme in a small living room can be achieved by painting one wall in a deep, monochromatic gray. The artwork, which is flush against the wall, will help to break up the space and bring interest to the artwork itself. Cuts of varying sizes in the artwork, as well as small framed photos or paintings (which can also be art prints) that are placed in the center of the wall will help to pull the room together visually. Framed art, as well as photos or prints of different pieces of furniture, will add to the texture and dimension of the space.

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