Small Table Lamps – Three Unique Lighting Ideas To Make Your Dining Room Stand Out

780 – If you have recently moved into a small traditional dining room, you might feel at a loss for what to do with all of your light fixtures. Your first thought might be to hide them away behind the table until you can figure out what to do with them. That is a bad idea! These things add character and ambiance to any space, especially when they are the focal point of the room. Here, what you should do.

Small Traditional Dining Room with Recessed Lighting

Accent Your Small Traditional Dining Room with Recessed Lighting. Nothing is lovelier than a small chandelier overhead your table, yet your small traditional dining room is going to be destroyed if there is nothing to shine on it. Install a recessed lighting fixture over your small traditional dining room table with recessed bulbs or frosted glass to reflect and refract the bright light rays onto the table. The lighting will add depth and dimension to your space while also casting a warm glow on the room. You can get this kind of light fixture in several different sizes. You can start small and work your way up from there.

Transform Your Small Transitional Dining Room. Hang a beautiful small transitional dining room chandelier with recessed lights and place lamps on either side of the chandelier. Your transitional drapes will feature the same brilliant style chandeliers that you had in your kitchen, only these will be hung with recessed lights. You can find these transitional drapes online or in local retailers.

Addition of Contemporary Design Elements for a Small Dining Room

Create a Trendy Contemporary Looks. Many homeowners want to add contemporary design elements to their small dining rooms. There are many ways to accomplish this look, but one way is to incorporate large bold window treatments that run the length of the dining room. This type of style corkscrews out to a stylish modern finish that complements any small dining room design perfectly.

Bring in the Artistic Touch. For small dining area designs that bring a touch of artistic flair to the space, install wall art on the walls such as framed photographs or oil paintings. You can choose from many different styles that are sure to bring character to your home decor. You can purchase art pieces at local art galleries, craft stores, or even online.

Think Outside the Bunsen burner. If your small dining room does not have a traditional Bunsen burner, install contemporary pendant lights that add flair to the space as well. Choose glass tabletop candles that have a modern twist and place them on the tabletop. Your guests will be impressed by the artistic flair while they enjoy their favorite meal.

Modern Rustic Lighting adds Classic Charm

Go Modern with Modern Rustic Lighting. Nothing brings a classic charm and warmth to a space quite like a whimsical, eclectic mix of rustic lighting and antiques. You can find many modern rustic lighting options online to perfectly complement your small table lamps. Look for lamps that feature open bookcases, open topped candle holders, and a variety of other interesting lighting options. Complete the look with matching table runner and candle holders that come in traditional or contemporary designs.

Go retro with Recessed Lights. Many home decorators will choose to incorporate recessed lights into their contemporary table lamp design. Using a beautiful chandelier with a recessed panel of lights will create an elegant classic look that is both modern and traditional. The beauty of a traditional chandelier is that it can be completely transformed into a contemporary design with the addition of one or two recessed lights. This is a great way to use modern lighting elements in your small table lamp design.

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