How to Design a Shabby Chic Home Office That Looks Trendy and Functional

671 – Bring vintage charm to your cozy abode with beautiful shabby chic furniture, chic clothes and shabby chic home office decor. Search out shabby chic home office and home decor collection for the ultimate in custom or unique pieces from online stores. With a good eye for detail and the know-how to pick just the right shabby chic pieces, your cozy abode will look like a real treat from any room in your house. With a little careful thought and attention to details, your shabby chic home office will be a place where you can truly feel at ease and where your work day will be less hectic and more relaxed. Shabby chic has become a popular choice among home decorators looking to bring some warmth back into their homes. This stylish and worn-in look adds a touch of sophistication to any home.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Style Furniture Pieces

Furniture Pieces Shabby chic style is all about the soft pastels and rich colors of cream, blue and mauve. You might want to incorporate a few other color schemes as well, but the shabby chic style and classic lines are the cornerstone. Look for tables with curved legs and pedestals made of dark colored wood. Vintage pieces make great accents and will anchor the look in your home office.

Desk Sets Shabby chic desks are usually lined with muted pastels or are covered in beautiful faux leather. You may also want to include a few accent tables, particularly those with unusual shapes. In addition to the desk, think about matching area rugs and cushions that match or contrast with the vintage elements. The rug typically will have a neutral color in the background that can range from beige to chocolate brown. The cushions are usually in neutral colors such as ivory or beige.

Tips for Choosing the Right Floor

Flooring You will need to bring the whole space together if you want to pull off shabby chic home offices. This includes the countertop. Pastel colored flooring in shades of blue or cream are very relaxing and create a cozy environment. You can use these same flooring patterns in other areas of the space, such as the walls or even the cabinets. When you decorate other parts of the room in the shabby chic style, you are really giving it a country or cottage feel.

Lighting Shabby chic lighting is just like in a little bitty abode. The colors are soft and airy, so they work well in a home office setting. You can also incorporate a candle with a holder in the corner of the room. It is the perfect place to set the mood. Candles also work great in other areas of the home office, including the foyer, because they add a warm, inviting touch that makes a person feel welcome when they arrive.

Use the Appropriate Shabby Chic Design Shelf

Shelves Shabby chic designs also lend themselves to appropriate shelving for your home office. Because the space is so small, you don’t want to stuff too many items into it. This is one reason interior designs experts recommend using bookshelves instead of cabinets. They offer more room for your to arrange your items and are ideal for work-related materials and paperwork.

Desks make an excellent addition to any shabby chic home office space like this because they offer a streamlined way to store files and paperwork. You can also add filing cabinets if you choose, in order to store more material in the same area. If you can, you should try to coordinate the type of cabinet with the type of work that needs to be done in the area. For example, if you need to prepare financial reports for clients, you should choose a desk with open drawers. On the other hand, if you need to prepare paperwork for your customers, you should purchase a rack that allows you to close the door or turn pages in a locked drawer.

Clutter A cluttered home office does not make for a productive worker. In fact, it may even cause you to put off working altogether! This is why it is imperative that you keep the clutter to a minimum. The best way to do this is by keeping all your clutter and decorations in one place like your linen closet. In addition, DIY projects are a great way to keep your home office clutter free, so you can focus on getting your projects done.

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