Decorating Your Mid Century Modern Study Room

882 – When people talk about “mid-century modern furniture”, what they are really talking about is contemporary modernism. What was first called the “modernising wing” of furniture styles was actually a return to the mid-century modernists’ experiments with form, material and function. In the late 1940s, a small group of these modernists travelled to the United States to improve upon what the German scientists had been doing with metal and glass. They took a slightly different approach, although the same basic principles would also remain. The main difference was that they were thinking in terms of everyday life instead of classical design.

One of the Mid Century Modern Furniture is a Coffee Table

So what did they end up making? Mid-century modern furniture includes such pieces as a desk, chair and table for the study room, as well as some pretty unusual items such as a magazine rack and a wall clock. But perhaps the most popular of their pieces is a modern coffee table. This can be found in a variety of colours and styles. If you are interested in making this piece a central feature of your home, then think carefully about what colour should go on it and why.

Another idea for furniture in this mid-century style is a study desk. The desk could be a simple one with just a few drawers, or it could have a wider design to store books and other reading materials. It all depends on what the piece is to be used for. A cabinet to store personal items is also an option. The desk could simply be the focal point of the room, or it could serve as a starting point for a more interesting design.

Bookcases Are Perfect Decorative Furniture

A bookcase is another item to look into when choosing furnishings for your mid-century modern study room. There are some really nice varieties of this furniture that will blend perfectly with any decor. In particular, if you want to make the room feel more contemporary, then consider choosing a mirrored bookcase. A credenza is also a nice addition and can be chosen to match the glass front of the bookcase.

Mid-century modern study rooms should definitely have a television in them. Sometimes this television will be a flat screen monitor, and sometimes it will be a flat panel monitor. In some cases, the television will be attached to the wall, while in others it will be completely detached from the wall. Because this furniture tends to be quite neutral, a wide variety of styles and colours can be used for it. Consider a dark wooden box to keep the TV hidden, a colourful glass box to make it fun to watch television, or a traditional oak TV stand.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lamp

Lighting is important in a mid-century modern study room. The lights should be dim, so that you can read without having to squint or turn the lights up so high that you areaches. They should also be designed to provide soft light while still being efficient. The best lights are those that are not distracting, but which put off enough light to show the text on the screen clearly.

The way that the lighting is installed can be just as important as the actual design of the mid-century modern study room. In a well-lit room, you can view the text on the screen clearly and study the graphs and charts on the screen easily. In a poorly lit room, you might miss what’s being written or studied, and the light might not fall enough on the writing to make it readable. If your mid-century modern study room has an overhead light or lamp with a low wattage bulb, then you will be able to study comfortably even when there is no direct sunlight.

When decorating your mid-century modern study room, you should keep in mind the purpose for the room before you choose the colors, styles, and materials of furnishings. If the room is an exercise room or a bedroom, you will probably want to choose a light, airy color for the walls and furniture, such as light blue, gray, or white. If the room is a media center or a television room, you might want to choose a bold color, such as red, black, or even green. You might also want to pick out a unique mid-century modern rug to bring some interesting texture to the room.

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