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703 – Modern furniture generally refers to contemporary furniture made from the late 19th to the early 20th century that’s influenced by modernism. During this time period, modern furniture didn’t carry much distinguishable marks of style, aside from being lightweight and easy to produce. This is because furniture for everyday use was quite simplistic and straightforward. Post-WWII ideals of cuteness, commodification, and extra practicality of items in design greatly influenced the design of the modern furniture. The use of shiny metal surfaces, bold, fast-moving fabrics, and geometric shapes became popular, as well as the furniture’s minimalistic styling.

Key Elements of Modern Furniture Design

The key elements of modern furniture designs are simplicity, cuteness, and functionality. Steel frames were common, as were chrome finish on tubular metal lounges and chairs. In the 1960s, the modern furniture movement came to a halt, as the designs were considered indulgent by most designers. Nevertheless, this movement didn’t go unnoticed and was later rediscovered in the 1970s.

Now, modern furniture designers are more keen in depicting modern elements with traditional styles. One of these elements are the use of metals and steel with clean lines. For instance, instead of using dull metallic shades and finishes like steel gray and dark blue, modern furniture designers use bright colors such as orange, red, yellow, green, and white. These color choices create stark silhouettes and make modern furniture pieces seem more dynamic and alive.

Most Popular Contemporary Furniture Design

Another popular element of contemporary furniture design is the absence of ornamentation. Unlike earlier designs, minimalistic decorations become more prominent in contemporary home decor movements. Furniture pieces are made without any frills, without unnecessary embellishments, and without fancy accessories. This movement gained popularity in the 1970s, especially among art students who prefer simple designs.

However, contemporary furniture can also be modernist in terms of shape. Minimalist-style furniture pieces are characterized by straight lines and sharp angles. In contrast, the classic and classical styling of the older forms of modern furniture, such as the sofas and sectionals, makes use of curved and flowing lines. The dining room, for instance, can have straight and simple lines, or the more ornate designs that are often found in the living room.

Characteristics of Modern Furniture Design

Other modern furniture designs for the living room furniture include those that are made of molded plastic and polymer, rather than the conventional wood and metal. The materials are lightweight, and the designs can easily be transformed from one form to another. Polymer is a lightweight plastic that can be molded into different shapes. Its durability, affordability, lightweight properties, and easy transformation to other designs make it a perfect choice for the common man.

On the other hand, more decorative modern furniture are the silhouettes or abstract designs of simple furniture pieces. These are often found on modern coffee table and end tables. Shapes can be geometric, but again, the finishes and colors used are usually lighter than the traditional styles. Some of these types of furniture are designed with unique, one-of-a-kind prints that may be impossible to find anywhere else.

One major drawback of using more decorative details is that they require more skills to install, due to the lack of supporting posts and framework. On the other hand, if done correctly, this type of furniture looks elegant and beautiful in any space. Furthermore, using less detail and less heavy materials makes the furniture more portable and sturdier. It can be easily moved from one place to another, taking less time than traditional design, since its weight is much lighter.

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