An Elegant Home Office That Provides For Your Career

814 – An eclectic home office can make working from home more fun and less frustrating. When designing the home office, remember to keep it simple yet functional. Keep the focus on your work and not on the way your office looks. The way a room or space looks is sometimes as important as how well it functions. Here are a few decorating tips for an eclectic home office.

Choose Wall Paint With Dark Colors

Paint the walls in a rich dark color and include several bold accent colors that make the room stand out. Add several colorful patterned pieces on the floors and windows to liven up the room and add extra bright lighting to the eclectic home office. Choose unique decorative accent furniture that is going to stand out stylishly in the room and also be useful. Pieces that go with many different themes are especially fun to use in an eclectic home office.

Decorating your eclectic home office layout can include a variety of elements. Try incorporating one accent color throughout the entire room to bring uniformity to the look. You can also choose several different shades of that single color to use in your furnishings. If you do not have a lot of wall space, consider using a piece of art that features an unusual shape. Using pictures that include a unique aspect can help break up large, blocky paintings and photos.

Important Aspects of Creating an Eclectic Home Office

An important aspect of creating an eclectic home office is choosing the right desk. Since you will be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, you want to find a desk that offers a comfortable and ergonomic feel. A writing desk, a computer desk or even a corner writing desk would be the most appropriate for this type of home office.

As for furnishings, don’t overdo the wood. Keep things neutral such as oak, pine or other solid wood. Instead, choose a classic piece of furniture like a writing desk that has a beautiful hand-painted finish. This will add a bit of character to your eclectic home office and also provide you with a comfortable desk that will last you a long time.

Using Beautiful Carpets and Fabrics

Other items that you should include in your eclectic home office design are rugs and beautiful fabrics. Try to find area rugs that match the colors of your walls and desk. For a more unique look, consider using area rugs that feature bold abstract designs or a beautifully crafted quilt that you have made yourself. The fabrics that you use on your home decor items can say a lot about your personality so be sure to include some that you love.

Even though you are going with an eclectic home office, you don’t need to be boring. You can have fun with the color scheme and the way things are organized. Instead of a large desk in the corner, go with a wide open desk with room to stretch out your legs. You could even add an accent table for a coffee table effect.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from when it comes to organizing a small home office so be creative. You may need to invest in a little bit of new furniture but it will be worth it. You will enjoy the unique styles and the convenience that it provides. A well designed eclectic home office is going to provide you with the workspace that you need for your career. Take the time to explore the many different styles and you will be surprised at just how wonderful your home will become!

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