Vintage Living Room Ideas For Small Vintage Living Rooms

1151 – If you’re looking for vintage living room ideas but don’t have the budget to splurge on full-scale furniture pieces, consider sourcing statement pieces. They’ll help you create a truly personal space that’s both sophisticated and comfortable.

The Best Way to Create Spaces with a Traditional Look and Feel

For instance, antique wingback chairs can make a big impact, or a gallery wall of framed pictures can be the perfect starting point for a rustic look. A small vintage living room is a great way to create a space with a traditional look and feel. The key is to scour second hand and antique shops for furniture and accessories that will suit your scheme.

To create a rustic style, it is important to use aged natural materials as much as possible. This white living room idea from Carpetright uses a distressed sideboard that ties together a variety of tones of wood. ouches of colour, especially in warm shades like yellow and ochre. This will help create a cozy, rustic feel and it will work beautifully with the wooden finishes of the furniture and decor you are using.

A collection of items is also a great way to achieve a rustic style, here Jessica Comingore showcased her vinyl record collection in an antique record cabinet. This will give your small vintage living room a really interesting feel. Small vintage living rooms can be a great way to create a cozy and unique space for your family to enjoy. With a few simple updates to your existing furniture and decor, you can turn your space into a homey place where everyone will want to relax and entertain.

Incorporating a Wide Range of Southwest-Inspired Decorations

Southwestern living room designs often revolve around earthy colors and a distinct natural vibe. These living room ideas incorporate a wide variety of southwestern-inspired decor pieces, including woven baskets, terracotta pots and vases, animal skulls or replicas, and cacti and other desert-inspired plants. A southwestern-inspired wall painting or art piece, like this one from spiced_ink, is a perfect way to bring this look into your home. A patterned rug, such as this one from Fondwillow, is another decorative option that will give your space a rustic look without overpowering it.

Industrial living room designs are a favorite for many urban loft apartments. This trend draws inspiration from the era of the Industrial Revolution and incorporates elements such as exposed brick, concrete floors, and metal accessories. This design can be heavy to look at, so it’s best to keep your space pared back with simple furniture and decor. You may want to use neutral colors, but you can also experiment with vintage pieces to add a unique twist on the Industrial aesthetic.

For example, a textured pouf is the perfect way to add textural interest while also injecting some warmth into your space. You can choose from a variety of fabrics or materials, including leather, which is a popular choice for this style. Lastly, industrial lighting is a great way to add some edginess to your living room. Exposed bulbs are a popular choice, but you can also opt for pendant light fixtures with filament or Edison bulbs.

Choosing Furniture that Looks Compatible with the Living Room Home Design

Cottage living room designs for small vintage spaces focus on a cozy, amiable mood that encourages conversation and relaxation. Create a space that feels inviting and comfortable by choosing furniture that looks like it would fit into your own home–and favor soft furnishings, such as slipcovers. Colorful accessories can help you achieve a layered look in a cottage living room. For instance, a mirror with antique detailing will add depth to the space and draw the eye upwards.

A collection of sentimental items – such as glassware, ceramics, stamps, or vinyl records – can also help you create a vintage feel in your home. Display these collectibles in an antique cabinet, or place them on a shelf or in a bookcase. A bold rug adds a pop of color to this casual living room, which features antique turquoise wingback chairs and a fun swirly wallpaper. It also provides a focal point and anchors the rest of the seating area.

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