How to Create a Vintage Family Room

691 – A vintage family room is the perfect place to bring families together. It evokes the warmth of days past when families spent more time in their homes and is full of cozy details that will make everyone feel right at home.

Cozy Retro Vibe by Combining Neat and Pretty Patterns

Achieve a cozy, retro vibe by incorporating prim and pretty patterns, traditional shapes and finishing touches like lamp shades. ‘Retro florals, antique brass and 70s-inspired bubble detailing on mirrors and candlesticks are all classic vintage elements that can really help you capture that old school charm,’ says Jo Plant, head of design at Pooky (opens in new tab). The living room is a place where families spend most of their time together, so it’s important to create a space that’s both comfortable and stylish. Using the right furniture can make all the difference between a cluttered, cold room and a relaxing oasis.

For the perfect vintage-inspired home, look for classic midcentury modern elements like slanted wooden legs or warm-colored fabric upholstery. Embrace the style with a vintage-inspired ottoman that is also functional as a side table. Mirrors can elongate spaces, reflect light and serve as decorative focal points. They also add a sense of depth to any room.

If your living room is large enough, a full-length mirror can be an excellent option to hang above your sofa. It’s a great way to make a small space seem twice as big, and can be positioned to match the existing decor. But if you have a smaller family room, it might be worth considering investing in a more petite mirror that won’t overwhelm your space. You can find many smaller, rectangular options that won’t take up too much space but still provide a stylish design feature.

A Great Way to Add Character and Depth to Family Rooms

Art is a great way to add character and depth to your family room. Choose pieces that represent your personality and interests, and pair them with vintage-style items. A collection of framed prints, for instance, can make an impact without taking up too much wall space. To create a gallery look, hang two same-sized prints side by side or stacked, using simple clips to hold them in place.

Thrifted prints gain new life with a fresh coat of paint and a little spray-painting. A floral mural with a groovy color scheme also fits the vintage vibe perfectly. If your home has a large fireplace, consider placing artwork above it. This keeps the focal point from overwhelming the room and makes it easier to change out the art when necessary.

Heirlooms represent family history, wealth, and treasured memories. They can be in the form of jewelry, antique furniture, trinkets, journals or diaries, artwork, photo albums, and more. Heirlooms can also be clothing associated with special events. For example, many families have a family heirloom wedding dress that belonged to their grandmother or mother.

A Simple Way to Add a Bit of Vintage Style

The best way to preserve your heirlooms is to keep them safe. Heirlooms are especially susceptible to damage when exposed to sunlight, water, and heat. Heirlooms can also be prone to mold and mildew. To prevent these fungi from growing, store them in a cool area and away from humidity. A play area is the perfect place for your child to have fun without having to leave the main living space. It’s a space where they can practice reading, take their toys to the park and chill out on a sofa with a cuddly friend.

A simple way to add a little vintage flair to a playroom is by creating a gallery wall full of photos or other items that remind you of your childhood. These items are often on the cheap and can be purchased at thrift stores or flea markets. Another good idea is to use accessible storage in the room, so that it’s easy for children to put away their toys and books when they’re done. This means storing things like dolls’ dresses in boxes or putting them on display so that they’re always within reach. If you have and want to send articles to 4nids, you can visit this page!

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