Creating a Small Eclectic Bathroom

580 – Adding an eclectic flair to your small bathroom is easy, thanks to the various design schemes and materials available. Here are some ideas to get you started. The vanity itself is a focal point, so consider a modern, sleek one to anchor the space. You can also add a hanging plant to draw your eye up the walls. In addition to maximizing the space, a colorful design can also make a cramped room seem larger.

Considerations When Incorporating an Eclectic Style

When incorporating an eclectic style into your bathroom, you should keep in mind that the room must have a focal point. This could be a large, colorful bathtub, a bold vanity, a collection of potted greenery, or an oversized artwork. The main goal of a small eclectic bathroom is to create a space where different elements can coexist. You can also opt for a colorful, whimsical theme if you’re remodeling a small bathroom for a child.

When choosing colours for your small bathroom, don’t go too wild. A few clashing shades work well together – and a color wheel or a color chip can help you decide which shades to use. Remember, textures are important, too. Modern decor is usually made of flat, glossy surfaces, while industrial and contemporary styles tend to be more textured. For a small eclectic bathroom, try using colors that have similar tones and textures.

When planning a nautical theme, consider the colors you want to use. For example, if you’re going for a blue and white color scheme, choose a navy-blue wall color to tie the theme together. White tile flooring and copper fixtures are a great way to add richness and texture to the room. Rustic wooden shelves, which double as open storage solutions, are a great way to bring texture into a small room without making it look too cluttered.

Tips for Creating a Unique Eclectic Bathroom

While a modern shower stall may take up most of the space, you can make the room more whimsical by using colorful rugs and funky paintings. An eclectic bathroom can be charming, and it isn’t as difficult as you might think. But you must have an artistic temperament to pull it off. For example, it’s best to choose an item or two that stands out from other pieces of the room. Once you have the basic elements down, it’s time to accessorize!

An ultramodern look is ideal for a contemporary home or in-city loft. Exposed wooden ceiling and concrete flooring add texture to the space, and a sink and tub with simple shapes mimic each other. This industrial look is completed with a soft touch from linens on the sink and tub. In this way, you can create a contemporary yet functional space that doesn’t feel cramped. This design is suitable for those who want to express their personality through the bathroom.

Adding a wood bathtub surround adds a touch of rustic charm, and allows you to add bath salts to the bath. Accent pieces are essential for enhancing the desired ambiance. A tassel-trimmed shower curtain, hexagon-shaped ceramic side table, and jacquard-woven towels add earthy bohemian charm to a minimal space. Using a bold wallcover such as Schumacher’s Queen of Spain, a gold frame vanity with shelf complements the design. To add a modern pendant light, select a gold frame vanity.

Important Factors When Choosing Paint Colors

While choosing your paint colors, consider what color scheme will best fit your room. Lime green wainscoting provides an uplifting color, and a wooden toilet seat cover reflects the color. Incorporating extra lights near the mirror and sink will provide more illumination. Also, if you are using a plastic shower curtain, it is better to choose one that drapes rather than pops open. This will save space and add a touch of nature inside.

To add nature to your powder room, consider using leaf-patterned wallpaper. These designs would look wonderful in a lush Beverly Hills home. You can also add plants to the shower. One Montreal homeowner hung plants on the shower rod. The plants hung from the ceiling of the shower add a natural accent to the space. If you cannot find any plants near the shower, hang some on the walls. Incorporating plants into your bathroom is an easy way to make it look more eclectic.

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