The Birdcage Chandelier

593 – If you love whimsical lighting, you’ll love the Birdcage Chandelier. This chandelier has clean lines and a unique design, while blending the best of two worlds. The chandelier contains the crystals that drip from the cage, while the open bottom makes cleaning easy. You can change the bulbs easily with hinged doors. You can even hang it from the ceiling to create a cluster of lights. A Birdcage Chandelier is a great option for any room, no matter what type of decorating theme you’ve got.

An easier and cheaper solution to hang Birdcage Chandeliers

To hang a Birdcage Chandelier, you’ll need to choose a fixture that has a cord or chain. Then, anchor the hook into the ceiling. This is an easier and cheaper solution than trying to center the light fixture. If you’re not comfortable swagging the light fixture, you can simply hang it on the wall. This option will give you flexibility and the look you’ve been dreaming of.

An impressive lighting that can brighten up any room

A Birdcage Chandelier has a more intricate design than a pendant light. This type of lighting can be as intricate as the pendant light or as simple as a single bulb. It’s an impressive piece of lighting that can brighten up any room. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, opt for a less-expensive option and use a lighting service to install it for you.

Chandelier improved in late 18th century with gas lighting

A Birdcage Chandelier has a history that dates back centuries. Inspired by medieval candelabras, this lighting fixture was likely dangerous for the inhabitants of medieval homes, which only used candles. Even today, antique chandeliers are popular, and are found in many interiors. The chandeliers were upgraded in the late 18th century with gas lighting, which inspired Danish architect Poul Henningsen to develop the first modernist lighting design. As a result, modern chandeliers use electric lighting.

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