Bungalow Tiny House by Simple Life


4nids.com – The Bungalow Tiny House by Simple Life is an elegant little home designed by Architect Steve Williams for his sister Joejoh. If you would like to own one of these homes, he has a special offer for readers of his Tiny house Blog: he will give you a $25 discount off the retail price if you subscribe to his blog. You can send him an email letting him know that you read the Tiny house Blog and he will mail you a check.

Has an Open Living and Dining Room

The Bungalow Tiny House has a large open living and dining room on the first floor, 900 square feet of space. The second floor is the sleeping loft, with a balcony off the bedroom for outdoor entertaining. The house has a loft-style sleeping loft with a window and ladder, perfect for taking your morning coffee. There are three bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, making it perfect for a family of four.

If you have a beautiful location in mind, you should consider building this tiny house. The bungalow is designed with large windows on all sides, providing ample natural lighting and letting in views of the surrounding areas. The Bungalow Tiny House is two levels with 930 square feet of living space on the first floor. The first floor is equipped with an open-plan kitchen and dining area, plus two bedrooms and a bathroom. The upstairs loft is accessible by a ladder.

The Bungalow Tiny House’s two-story design allows you to choose the location where you’d like to build your tiny house. The ground floor is over 900 square feet of space and includes a living room, dining room, bathroom, and loft. The sleeping loft is up and accessible only via a ladder. The entire tiny house is easy to move around, so it is a great way to downsize. It is also great for full-time living.

The Style and Comfort of a Tiny House

The Bungalow Tiny House is built on a platform that allows you to build a full-scale home in a few days. Its modular design allows for easy setup and shipping to any part of the country. The small house is also easily customized and can be shipped to any US location. If you are considering a tiny house, you’ll find the right one for you. You’ll love the style and comfort of this cottage, and it’s also a great investment.

The Bungalow is one of the most popular tiny houses in the US, thanks to its small size and low-maintenance construction. Its large windows on all sides offer spectacular views and plenty of natural light. The cottage-style design is ideal for those who want to live in a beach-side getaway. The stairway is made of plywood, while the bathroom is made of cement. The Bungalow is shipped to any location in the US.

The Bungalow has a 900-square-foot ground floor with a kitchen, dining area, and living room. Its sleeping loft is located up in the loft and can be reached only with a ladder. The home’s design allows for a flexible layout. It can be built in a remote area, and can be adapted for different terrains. Its location is an essential factor in choosing the right tiny house.

Options Available for Perfect Location

This 130-square-foot beach bungalow tiny house, sold for $29,000, has a full bathroom and is wired with electricity. The Bungalow’s ground floor is approximately 900 square feet. Its porch has a deck to enjoy the outdoors. The sleeping loft has a balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee. With this tiny house, you can live

The Verona Bungalow by EZ Log Structures is a beautiful three-room Bungalow Tiny House. Its romantic Shakespearean vibe will make you feel like a queen. Its lofted design makes it easy to host friends and Air BnB. The Bohemian Bungalow has a full stairway. Its bathroom has a separate entrance and a standard toilet.

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