5 Industrial Room Wall Ideas to Consider


4nids.com – Welcome to the latest series in the long series of interior design sets that have given a new name to awe-inspiring industrial family room interiors, namely awe-inspiring industrial family room designs inspired by many industrial houses and lofts from all types of locations. This series of interiors is inspired by a number of factors, but mostly by the desire of owners and architects to give unique, stylish and eye-catching designs to industrial spaces. These designs help in giving a unique feel and ambience to the industrial areas. Apart from making the industrial places look extremely classy and exclusive, these are also known to help in reducing the overall cost of running an industrial place.

Why are industrial room walls so popular?

This series on industrial family room designs was first launched in India and is now popular globally. The reason why it became so popular very quickly is because of its unique concept and approach. What is impressive about industrial family room ideas is that they have a modern touch that gives it an edge over the traditional style of decoration. What’s more is that industrial designers are now using such designs to decorate commercial spaces. They are very easy to maintain and to operate.

Industrial living room concept

The modern industrial family room ideas are generally based on two main concepts. The first one is to use a glass wall to create an “inner extension” of the living space, with or without a TV or coffee table in the room. This concept works well in office spaces where the wall is not strong enough to support the weight of a TV or coffee table. However, it does not work at all in homes. So if you are looking for such a concept, here’s what you should do:

The second concept that you can use to decorate your family or living room is a media wall. Media walls (which also have the name as media rooms) are designed in a unique way. In fact, this design is not even related to any kind of household or family. It basically refers to a coffee table, television set, or any other modern industrial appliance that you can place on the wall behind the family picture or image of your choice.

Tips when placing the TV in an industrial living room

If you wish, you can even place a modern industrial or digital TV on top of the glass wall that you have created with your media wall concept. Why do I say this? Well, when you place a TV or any other modern industrial family room appliance on top of the glass wall that you have created, you get the advantage of being able to have a media wall within the room. Of course, there will be certain aspects that need to be considered (mainly the height and width of the glass wall and of course the position of the TV or other appliance).

Utilization of window layouts in industrial living rooms

When you come to the third concept that I will discuss in this article, you will be able to create an incredible amount of space within any family room. You see, this concept is also connected to the fourth concept which is the utilization of windows. What you will need to remember about windows is that they are not only beautiful elements, but they are also extremely useful elements as well. Windows allow you to enjoy the view outside, they allow you to have an amazing view, they allow for ventilation, and they even provide lighting – so all of these elements play an important role when you place family room wall ideas in place. By placing large windows on both sides of the room, you can really open up the space.

In order to make sure that you do not only open up the space but that you also have a very unique look, the fifth industrial family room wall ideas idea that you can use is painting the walls. In fact, there are many different kinds of paint that you can use for these purposes. However, one of the best paints to use is one that is grease based. What you will find is that by using this type of paint, you can create walls that are reminiscent of a prison wall. You will also find that they provide a great way to keep grease and grime from seeping into your walls and doing damage.

The final concept that we are going to discuss in this series is creating an incredible amount of accent lighting by putting the lighting over the entire room. By doing this, you will find that the family room wall ideas you have created are going to look like they belong together. What happens is that you simply have to run a long cord over the ceiling of the room. What you will find is that not only does it provide ambient lighting, but it also helps to illuminate the walls. This is a great way to make industrial-looking elements fit in with more modern decorating.

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