Monochrome Family Room Decorating Ideas

506 – After the holidays, the parents-to-be had just bought their first home and had not yet decorated it. They knew they would want to create a warm and welcoming environment but knew that they were in no way homey. So they decided on a very modern design: black and white furniture, monochrome flooring, and lots of glass. The only thing they weren’t sure of was how to incorporate the theme of monochrome furniture into a comfortable and homey space. Here is what they ended up with:

Various Monochrome Family Room Themes

The four corners of the Ottoman were covered in black fabric. The black fabric was sheer and the seat and Ottoman’s back seat were made of black satin. The couple decided that this would be the theme for their monochrome family room, too. They began their decorating makeover with a few new colorful upholstered pillows. Some new colorful fabric and maybe a new plush rug for the traditional camelback sofa.

Centerpieces: Black and white marble columns, candelabras with a black lamp shade in them, and an ice cream sundae on a frosted glass coffee table made of pearl. * Side table: “everything is so crystal clear here, like you’re off on a trip in the clouds.” – mother. * Ceiling fan: “The light from your ceiling fan will wash out everything, including your shadow.”

Pillows: “We picked out a soft and sensual pillow, one with a striped, black & white check print. It’s a great size for two, and we actually had trouble fitting two blankets on either side of it. We ended up just putting it on the middle of both sofa and the bed.” – mom

Classical Lights Add Elegance to a Monochrome Living Room

Lamps: The black & white monochrome family lamp with a flowery floral print is a classic. “We chose a simple rectangular lamp. It’s painted white with some flowers. A little rose in the middle, and it has these little buds on both sides. It was a nice choice.”

Linens: “In the dining room, we chose black and white linens. For the bed, I made the bed linen black and gave it to mom. For the walls, we just put up a white sheet and painted the kids’ pictures on it. It added a very interesting and different look to the room.” – mom

Decor: “In the monochrome room, we chose to do black and white floor rugs. They’re every nice, especially when they have monochrome lamps with them. When we painted the room, we just put one up, but we played around with different colors and textures. Eventually, we went with a beautiful silk rug that mom absolutely loves.

Chic Design with Best Monochrome Style

Lighting: “In the dining room, we used chandeliers with candles. We actually got ones that had candles shaped like bats. You can get such a unique and elegant effect with a single chandelier, which is really a must-have in your black and white monochrome family room.” – mommy to be | black | family room | monochrome | room} So when you’re considering that this might be a good color scheme for your black and white family room, remember that black and white just so rarely can perfectly co-exist. If you choose to go with monochrome, make sure you give careful consideration to the decor in the room, as well as the lamps, curtains, and pillows. By playing around, you might actually end up with a very chic design that truly embraces the monochrome era of style.

Accessories: “I love the look of monochrome accessories, such as an old-fashioned tea cozy. These are just something to throw in the drawers or on top of your dresser. You can pull them out just to use them as accent pillows if you’d rather do things that way. Or you can keep them where they are and just leave them dimmed so they fit better with the decor.” – Ashley

Lamps: “A lot of lamps these days come in monochrome versions. They’re terrific. Not only do they give off an unusual pop of color, but they can save a significant amount of space in your room too. For example, a floor lamp with a black base can take up less room than one with a white or beige base.” – Ashley shaw

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