Tips on Designing a Small Japanese Kitchen

586 – Small Japanese Kitchens are often a combination of small apartments and small kitchens, making them very compact. Generally, a group of domiciles is the common Japanese term for a series of apartment buildings of some type typically constructed as affordable housing by a local government authority as a public facility. The government pays off the mortgage on the apartments to the owners who occupy them. Thus, when an individual occupies such a domicile, he pays rent to the owner.

Interesting Idea of ​​Having a Small Kitchen

A number of persons have come forward to share their memories of small Japanese kitchens. One of these was Mr. Masamitsu Watanabe, who resides in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He bought and presently lives in a small apartment building. The building is quite small with only eleven apartments. This was his first experience of living in such a small home.

Mr. Watanabe has come up with some interesting ideas for living in a tiny kitchen. First, he paid off all the necessary expenses for purchasing the apartment, including the air conditioning unit. Next, he installed a refrigerator and built an extension to his kitchen so that more space could be allocated to his cooking needs. Finally, he cut his personal budget for living in a small home by almost fifty percent by eliminating some unnecessary expenditures such as buying music CDs and visiting friends overseas.

Complete Japanese Style Kitchen Decoration Planning

Mr. Watanabe has come up with good guidelines for living in a Japanese home, but there are of course many other things that need to be accomplished to make his life full and satisfied. One difficulty he encountered was the lack of proper planning. Most people are just content to start from the bare bones and work their way up to a fully furnished and decorated Japanese home. This is certainly not the way it should be done. Planning and strategy are necessary even in small homes.


For small homes, there is no need to have large kitchen designs or fancy floor plans. Small Japanese kitchens can actually look very stylish and compact, especially if they are designed carefully. There are many small Japanese kitchens that are designed artistically. This is one of the reasons why small Japanese-style kitchen design is becoming very popular these days. The artistic and unique styles of small Japanese kitchens are also the main reasons why they are becoming so popular.

Characteristics of a Unique Japanese Style Kitchen

Small Japanese kitchens are also easy to decorate, as long as you do not forget the basic things. For example, the best thing that you can do to make your small Japanese styled kitchen stylish is to use standard and proportionate Japanese pottery for both the kitchen counter top and the kitchen cabinet. A unique Japanese style kitchen countertop can also look very stylish if it is made of natural stone, porcelain or stainless steel. If you use Japanese pottery for your kitchen counter top, the best option is to use the same pottery for both your Japanese cabinets and your Japanese flooring. This will give your home kitchen a unified theme, as everything will match up with each other.

Another interesting idea that you can use to create a small Japanese style kitchen is to use Japanese magnetic boxes on your wall. There are many small magnetic boxes that are designed in the Japanese style. All you have to do is get yourself one of these boxes, place it on the wall in your Japanese style kitchen and draw some Japanese manga characters on it. This will serve as your guide when you are installing your Japanese magnetic kitchen storage. Place the boxes on both sides of the magnetic strips so that the space looks as if it was designed especially for Japanese people.

In order to provide the ultimate in harmony between your Japanese kitchen and your Japanese magnetic shelves, you may also want to install a small Japanese style mirror. In fact, you can install a small Japanese style mirror that has a hole in the center. You can then use this Japanese style mirror to highlight the beautiful artwork on your Japanese ceramic or wooden rice cooker. By using a combination of these unique pieces along with your traditional Japanese lanterns and Japanese ceramic or wooden shelves you will be able to create a stylish and elegant Japanese themed kitchen which will help to improve your home’s value.

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