Traditional Interior Design Styles

971 – Traditional interior design is often defined as being warm, cozy, and predictable at once. However, there are so many other things to be considered when you are designing a traditional interior. A room that is styled in the traditional fashion will tend to have the following characteristics:

Traditional Design Style Inspiration

Detailed woodwork all around the room. The entire floor plan should be based on woodworking, if not, there is no point in going in for this traditional design style. In addition, you should employ a detailed color palette that is neutral enough to match any paint color. The traditional look tends to be very much inorganic. Despite this, you should ensure that every part of the room exudes an air of traditional elegance, with the exception of the wall coverings.

Clean, sharp lines are a must in this style of decor. The classic and traditional look can appear very formal if the lines are not kept in check. The furniture can be designed in such a way that the edges line up with each other neatly. In fact, you should have very simple patterns on the upholstery and fabrics to keep the concept of clean lines intact.

Accent your decor with artworks or antiques. In the classic style, the classic furniture is made out of dark woods, like oak, cherry or walnut. In this style, the art work is the focal point and is the epitome of traditional decor. The artwork can be in the form of decorative art, but you may also find pieces of traditional textiles or upholstery.

Elegant Tapestry Part of Traditional Interior Design

In the traditional interior design style, the walls are always adorned with elegant tapestries and rich wallpapers. Tapestries can either be framed or unframed. Tapestries that are framed will give a feeling of elegance. Framed tapestries can be hung on the wall as stand-alone pieces. To add more interest to the tapestries, you can hang them from the back of the couch, sofas or on the door.

The concept of balance is an important principle in this interior design style. Keep in mind that the symmetry principle should be kept in mind while choosing the furniture pieces. For example, you need to choose a table and chairs that have the same size and height. If the furniture pieces are out of proportion with each other, there is a great tendency for the room to look disorganized and cluttered.

Another designer tip that you should consider is the timelessness of your choice. Many times contemporary furniture is made from materials that are not long lasting like plastic and chrome. These materials are easily breakable, which gives the impression of an out of date environment. A traditional home decor would look elegant and timeless if pieces of furniture were made from solid wood, or if the manufacturer used solid timber instead of plastic or chrome.

Tips for Keeping Lines Simple and Clean

There are many traditional interior designs to choose from. Just remember that the most important thing that you should consider is the feeling that you want to impart in your surroundings. Don’t forget to keep the lines simple and clean. Simplicity in lines and colors make your spaces look brighter and airy.

There is also an idea of mixing traditional and contemporary interior design styles. Mixing traditional and eclectic styles will add more life into your place without clashing with each other. You can try an eclectic style where furniture items are in different bold colors, or an eclectic style where furniture items are arranged in geometric patterns.

Most Popular Good Interior Design Ideas

symmetry is another great idea. symmetry refers to the arrangement of similar elements in a space along one wall. If you have plain front hallways and bedrooms, then it would be a good idea to have symmetry in these areas so that every time you enter a room, the eye would be drawn to the center of the house or the door. Symmetry is achieved by using materials like glass and wood in your interior designs. Glass walls with wooden frames would be very elegant looking.

There are many other elements that go into creating a traditional interior design. You can always choose to blend some elements from both these interior styles, or you can create one particular theme. If you have a large house with plenty of space, then you can consider having a traditional style home while if you have a smaller home, then you can consider creating an eclectic style home.

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