Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor For A Small Touch Of Elegance

660 – Small shabby chic bathrooms are becoming more popular in homes across the United States. These small, unique bathrooms are charming and extremely stylish. They are ideal for bedrooms, but they can also be perfect for bathrooms as well. They lend a unique atmosphere, which is relaxing and comfortable, without being small or cluttered. This is because shabby chic bathrooms are very creative and the mix and match of various items and colors create a cozy, cottage-like atmosphere, with a charming air about them.

Best Small Shabby Chic Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

One of the best small shabby chic bathroom interior design ideas for the toilet is to create a beautiful wood countertop with aged white washbasins and a vintage white faucet. Vintage towels and linens in warm pastel colors add to the soft feel. A white linen comforter on top and a few throw pillows in neutral, warm colors help pull together the look. You can choose to add a contemporary rug, if you like. This rug can have an antique look or a modern, geometric design.

Bathroom vanities, too, can be part of small shabby chic bathroom interior design ideas. A wooden vanity with a vintage glass lamp shade is a great addition to a bathroom, creating a very welcoming look. You can choose a wood vanity that has a painted finish, so that the paint is worn away naturally over time, instead of being forced onto the surface with harsh chemicals. There are many wooden vanities to choose from; if you can’t find the one you want at your local retailer, you can always have one custom made or look for it online.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are another option when it comes to small shabby chic bathroom decorating ideas. Tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they can either be painted a solid color, or they can be tiled with patterns and designs. Large windows, exposed brick walls or exposed wood ceilings are perfect places for large tiles. Smaller tiles can be used to cover mirrors and the tub itself, to keep them from getting stained. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can give the bathroom a vintage charm, but there’s no reason why they can’t be contemporary as well.

Small shabby chic bathrooms can also benefit from having window coverings on the tub and shower. Your choice of shades will depend on whether you’re covering the tub or just the shower. If you’re going for the shabby-chic look, then lighter colors work better than darker ones. You might also consider using rugs on the floor, to help set the mood. There are so many options when it comes to these window treatments; the possibilities are endless.

How to Equip a Shabby Chic Bathroom

To complete the look of this type of bathroom, you’ll definitely want to have a vintage bath tap. It doesn’t have to be made from metal or even porcelain, as long as it has the right texture and color. If you really want to get into the shabby-chic era, then you could find a cast iron bath tap that has been painted a dark gray. Then you could install vintage tiles over the rest of the fixtures, in matching colors and patterns. Stone mosaic tiles in the shower, stone tiles around the vanity, and distressed wood in the bathroom are all options for this style.

When you’re just starting out with this small style, you can simply shabby chic Bathroom Decor that features several different themes. It’s a great place to start out because you don’t have to worry about making everything match. Each piece of furniture you choose for your bathroom will simply add to the overall effect. From mirrors, to toilet seats, and even pieces of furniture, everything you buy will help make this small room come together.

Another thing you can do to create this small style is to add in lots of soft pink flowers. This will go nicely with the vintage look, and it’s also a pretty and inexpensive way to go. You can buy a large flowery centerpiece and then arrange small vases containing pink and purple roses in the center. You can then use a fabric bow on the vases for a very cute touch. This shower curtain is perfect for those who wish to add a bit of shabby elegance to their bathroom, but want to keep it a bit more traditional.

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