Creating a Victorian Wardrobe Style

644 – What better way to accessorize than with a Victorian wardrobe closet! Victorian wardrobes were an indication of societal status during the Victorian age, with craftsmanship and cabinetry being highly regarded. At half the price, you could own customized Victorian style wardrobes at your home, yet still receive the same grand look. Today’s manufacturers will even handcraft them at your request if you so desire. It’s a great way to add a little bling to your home.

Characteristics of Victorian Wardrobe

A standard Victorian wardrobe is composed of four to six compartments, a top chest for storage, and two or three drawers on either side for hanging clothing. Typically, a large mirror would be mounted on one side of the chest, with hangers and rods on the walls to hang neckties and scarves. The wardrobe itself was typically hung from a long narrow ceiling or rod. In earlier years, double doors were used in the compartments, but this was changed in the later Victorian years. In recent years, single doors have been used for the same purpose.

The best woods used in the making of a Victorian wardrobe are walnut and mahogany. There are many manufacturers that will substitute cheaper woods such as pine for this type of wardrobe. This is because it is more cost effective to use mahogany or walnut, which is significantly less costly than the other popular hardwood species for this furniture. Solid wood is always a good investment, even if it is a bit more expensive than other types of furniture. While solid wood wardrobes are not very common, there are those that have several shelves and a center drawer.

The Victorian Look of More Contemporary Style Furniture

The popularity of the Victorian wardrobe has lasted through the decades, and in recent years, there has been an increase in the manufacturing of these antique wardrobes. Many people are looking for a simple, rustic style wardrobe to accent their home. They prefer the Victorian look of the furniture to more contemporary styles of furniture. A simple wardrobe can be designed out of inexpensive materials, yet still be very durable.

In the past, the only two materials used for a Victorian wardrobe were mahogany or walnut. But in the late nineteen thirties, when the dress code was beginning to change, it was introduced to be made of pine and oak. Oak was used for its durability, while the walnut was chosen because of its natural beauty.

Best Vintage Victorian Wardrobe Designs

Today, there are many manufacturers that offer a variety of antique styles of wardrobe. Some of these designs have modernized details, and others have completely disappeared. The great thing about the Victorian style is that it was created as an Americanized look. This means the furniture was not manufactured in the United States but instead was created to mimic the furnishings of the era.

There are many companies that now offer Victorian wardrobes and other furniture from the Victorian era. Some of the most popular manufacturers today include Blenheim, Craftsman, Lackner, and Rutt. Manufacturers create these pieces to fit the needs of customers who may be on a budget, or simply want a new wardrobe in a new style. There are also companies that offer ready-made fitted wardrobes for those who want the convenience of having the wardrobe delivered to their home.

Today, many people love the charm and beauty of the Victorian era. Many people love the simplicity of the Victorian era. They also love the look of antique furniture, and the versatility of choosing between the styles and manufacturers of the antique wardrobes. If you are in the market for a Victorian wardrobe, or any other kind of furniture, do some research on the internet or in antique stores to find a piece that fits your decorating needs and tastes.

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