Minimalist Bathroom Design Basics


4nids.comModern minimalist design elements play an important role in minimalist bathroom design. Taking inspiration from nature, the modern-style bathroom utilizes a floating stone vanity and an arched accent wall with stacks of stacked rectangular green tiles on the outside. Slate flooring is featured throughout, complimented by high quality ceramic tile throughout the room. Frameless glass shower doors and matching chrome trim and shower curtains further bring the design to life.

Tips for Decorating a Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist bathroom layouts have grown in popularity over the last several years and, with it, the trend has taken a darker turn. Gone are the days of clear glass showers, and instead contemporary bathrooms are bereft of any type of decorative or functional embellishment except for the minimalist bathroom glass accents. Slate and ceramic tile remain a constant throughout the bathroom and, while it’s possible to find modern chrome accents, the entire look is kept clean. Clear glass toilets help to give the room the illusion of more space, and while dark colored sinks help to diminish the appearance of clutter, the stark white counter tops provide a clean, minimalist look that doesn’t require much extra.

Speaking of counters, clear ceramic tiles add a unique appeal to minimalist bathroom designs. Ceramic tiles add a touch of color and texture to a bathroom without overpowering it. Decorative sconces and wall paintings can also be used as long as they don’t clash with the tiles or other accessories. The use of wall decorations is particularly helpful if your bathroom is large and your counter tops are exposed, because a decorative wall border can help to define the vertical dimension of the room.

Best Use Of Floor Tiles And Colors

Another effective technique for minimizing bathroom clutter is the use of seamless floor tiles. Available in a multitude of colors, these tiles can be used to create surfaces that run the full width of the bathroom. Because these tiles run the full length of the bathroom, homeowners can choose to install only a few pieces, or they can install the whole bathroom, making use of different sizes and colors to add depth and definition.

Speaking of color, contemporary tiles can help to make a modern minimalist bathroom appear more spacious. Black and white tiles can be used to complement any design style, but black is particularly effective because it’s the color you usually see when you head into a modern boutique. White tiles are very accommodating for bathrooms with intricate designs or detailed paintings on the walls, as they help to define the shape of the room and prevent the appearance of “empty space”. Because both black and white tiles are highly functional and easy to maintain, they’re an ideal choice for bathrooms that have a lot of styling to do.

Placing Furniture That Matches The Bathroom Floor

The final step in achieving minimalism in a bathroom is to select the right flooring. In many cases, the right flooring can actually increase the size of the room, which can be counterproductive. Tiled floors are most appropriate in smaller bathrooms where there isn’t a lot of room to spread out towels, shower curtains, or even a nice rug. Bathroom flooring can also add a bit of warmth to the bathroom, so homeowners with smaller bathrooms may want to choose something with a bit more elegance.

If there’s not much extra room in the bathroom, then it’s most important to pick a shower that doesn’t take up a lot of valuable floor space. Glass shower doors are a great option since they don’t take up a lot of space, and the glass also allows for a good amount of light to stream through the shower area. When it comes to flooring, ceramic tile is probably the best option since it is highly resistant to water and has a very inviting feel. However, homeowners who prefer a more traditional look can still go with stone tiles or natural stone travertine.

As far as decorating goes, one last thing to keep in mind is that cabinets are an absolute must in any bathroom design. It’s impossible to get that spa-like atmosphere that you’re going for without the right kind of storage. While hardwood cabinets are always a nice choice, homeowners can also opt for a bit of flair by going with vessel sinks. Glass cabinet tops add a nice touch of elegance and can be a nice alternative to a hardwood countertop.

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