Decorating Ideas For Your Small Nautical Bedroom

973 – For a small nautical bedroom, give your bedroom a seaside look with color schemes and accessories. You can use this look in any room to make it feel like you’re on the beach. Lighter colors will help the room appear smaller, while darker colors can help the room appear larger. Light blue or white are good color choices because they are a more neutral tone. It also helps to add a little bit of texture to the room.

Creating a Nautical Themed Bedroom Atmosphere

A small nautical themed bedroom can have the look of a small cabin. This is a great way to create a space that feels like you are on the open waters. Many times these kind of spaces are found in older homes that have been built before 1950. The wallpaper has the same striped pattern as the bed sheet. The striped blue and gray bed sheet gives the feel of being afloat on the open sea, while the two striped patterns on the painted wall add a little beachy feeling to the room.

For small nautical bedroom interiors, choose light blue or gray curtains in a contrasting color scheme. Use one or two pillows with deep red and black zigzags. The accent pillow should be in the same deep color as the curtains. The small remote control would be perfect to help you navigate your way around the room. Paint your wall in the same deep blue color as the floor mat.

Nautical Bedroom Furniture Design

The accent furniture for a small nautical bedroom design should take your mind off the bed. Use large accent tables and chairs with wood accents. You can even match up the chairs to the accent tables and mirrors in the room. Choose a light brown or gray fabric for the accent rugs. If you want, you could even use the same shade of brown paint as the accent rugs.

It might not seem like much of a space, but it gets really cozy when you have a small bathroom space. The best way to create more space is to add in a vanity. A vanity unit will help you avoid the clutter and allow you to have more storage. In a small bathroom, this becomes very helpful.

Tricks to Make a Small Room Feel Smaller

To make the small room feel even smaller, add in some wall hangings. Paints with anchor themes are ideal, or you could choose plaids and shabby chic. You’ll also want to have a couple of small mirrors placed in good positions. You can line them up against the walls so they are also part of the bathroom decor. Choose a mirror with an interesting frame that accentuates the shape of the frame, and use it to check your dress while you’re dressing.

When choosing flooring, consider using wood such as bamboo. It looks great in small bathrooms, and it also has a lovely darkish tone that can match the browns and blues in the rest of the room. You can also opt for tiles to cover the floor, but if you really want to save on space, a carpet would also look great.

Your small nautical bedroom won’t be complete without a few accessories. Use brown hampers for dishes and other items that are dish-shaped. You can also use brown and blue plastic baskets with small tins to hold small items in. Brown paint in shades of gray and beige is also a great choice to brighten things up.

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