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763 – The Nautical Library is a comprehensive institution, which preserves an extensive collection of rare and classic nautical-related publications and literature. Established in 2021 by the late Richard Crossman, this facility has grown to be one of the best online libraries on the web. The library is divided into two sections namely the Nautical Tradition section and the Special Collections section. In both the sections, the members have access to hundreds of thousands of titles, most of which are completely free of cost. Moreover, the library also offers two subscription options – the Basic and Premium subscriptions.

Distinctive Features of the Nautical Library

The Nautical Tradition section houses a large collection of naval publications dating from before 1700, as well as related periodicals and early diaries. It also houses many first edition books, as well as some modern books written on nautical subjects. The Special Collections section houses a collection of rare and antique books dealing with nautical life and history. These include Naval almanac, Nautical Dictionary, Ships’ Operating Manual, Navigation Book, and the popular Seagoing Collector’s Guide. The Nautical Library also possesses a number of maritime artifacts, including a bronze commemorative steamer and iron cannons.

The Nautical Library offers its patrons a number of convenient features, among which is its Online Subscription Access system. This service provides members access to thousands of titles and unlimited reading privileges over a year long period. In addition to the Online Subscription Access, the library also allows its patrons to perform background research using its extensive database.

Members can also use the Virtual Tour to see nautical related monuments and areas of interest. The nautical map online system allows visitors to see the entire coastline of United States through its digital nautical map. A frequently asked questions section is also present on the website, which answers commonly asked questions regarding its collection.

Advantages of the San Diego Nautical Library

Like many libraries of various sizes, the San Diego nautical library boasts a number of digitized resources. Among these are nautical charts, which contain a wealth of marine information. This includes not only maps of the world but also world nautical charts meant for each particular region or coast. These include such items as historical background, stock exchange quotations, trade fair information, and more. Maps of the US, the coasts of the US, and all coastal regions in the world are also available.

The nautical-themed collections are particularly impressive. Each shelf has at least one artifact representing that era or condition of the ship. The most popular collections are those of the American ocean freight, which contains over fifty items including postcards, prints, clippings, receipts, pamphlets, and an album. These represent a period from the 1800s to the early 1900s. Other nautical collections are the keelhauls, schooners, sailing ships, river steamers, merchant seamen, and a slew of other vessels. The collection entitled the Nautical Antique Bookshelf displays an assortment of books, manuscripts, maps, and posters on sea life, seamanship, and a plethora of other nautical-related subjects.

Best Nautical Library Theme

Some of the best nautical-themed collections are located within the San Diego public libraries. For example, the Pacific Science Museum, which is devoted to presenting and interpreting information about the science of the sea, possesses an immense nautical-themed collection. The Balboa Park Zoo features numerous nautical statues, charts, and other artifacts as well.


Within the United States, the Navy Department maintains a wide variety of nautical-themed publications. One of these is the Official Nautical Dictionary, which is readily available online. Another option is the official book of the United States Navy, which contains a great many such publications. The official publication of the United States Coast Guard is the cutter’s logbook, which includes a great deal of important information, including ships, mooring charts, muster rolls, and a myriad of other records. Finally, the United States Army Navy Directory, which is considered the bible of the Coast Guard, is also chock full of nautical-related information.

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