How to Create the Perfect Small Monochrome Apartment

716 – Are you looking for small monochrome apartment furnishings? You are in luck, there is a lot of furniture that fits this description. Smaller spaces need more attention to detail and less cluttered environments. And with a monochromatic room design, of course there are two options, which is black or white.

White Furniture is Suitable for a Small Monochrome Apartment

And here are some furniture that you can easily choose white for your small monochrome apartment. Choose black as a background color of this apartment interior since this would give the small room an elegant and chic look. It will also give the other colors in the room a sense of intimacy. You can have black floor lamps with it as well. Choose wall hangings or pictures with sleek minimalist designs. Black is indeed a good match for monochromatic furnishings.

Monochrome accessories are a must for any small apartment. The first one to go with our wall art. Wall art comes in many forms, from figurines, to paintings, to framed canvas prints, etc. Choose modern looking art for your small apartment to make the interior look modern and minimalist. Aside from the art, you can hang curtains or a small drapes to complete the modern look of your room.

Modern Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Aside from art, you can also hang framed prints in your walls if you don’t want to put up wall art. As much as possible, choose prints with a minimalist design. This will bring out the minimalist feature of your walls and give it a more spacious effect. In choosing your lighting fixture, you need to consider how you want to decorate the rest of the small furniture in your room. If you want to emphasize the minimalist element of your room, then your lighting fixture should be on the ceiling.

Wall decor and paintings are very popular among people who are living in small apartments. You can always choose unique pieces of wall art and frames to accentuate the walls of your small bedroom. However, if you have enough space in your bedroom and small living area, you can also install small sculptures or artworks in your walls to complete the look of your small apartment. Again, choose modern designs for your wall decor and choose sculptures or artworks that have a minimalist style so as not to overwhelm your small bedroom.

Monochrome Apartment Using LampsĀ 

Aside from wall art and wall decor, you can also choose rugs to accentuate your small bedroom. Small rugs can also serve as another layer of insulation to keep you warm during cold months. Just make sure that you choose durable and washable rugs for your small apartment so as not to compromise the look of your modern apartment. To prevent your carpets from fading and looking ugly due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, be sure to put ultraviolet resistant and fade proof covers on your small rugs. This will help protect your investment as well as give you the opportunity to change your small rugs whenever it becomes dirty.

Another way to achieve the bright appearance of your small monochrome apartment is to use lamps with small bulbs in them. Choose light colors for your bulbs and do not overdo the bulbs to achieve a sharp and shiny modern look. You can use a small modern looking lamp with a soft and dimmer switch for best results. The dimmer switch can be used to create a nice ambiance in the evenings with the lights off.

To achieve a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, you can always choose white paint. To create a fresh and neutral look, you can use a white linen or cotton couch. You can also add up a couple of white rugs over your coffee table to create a beautiful contrast. A lot of homemakers are choosing white paint to color their kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms as white gives off a clean and relaxing look. These tips will help you create the perfect small monochrome apartment for your bright living space.

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