Design Ideas For A Bohemian Bathroom

790 – Yes, your Bohemian bathroom can be the perfect place to finally give the Bohemian vibe a shot. Where else can you find the perfect setting for a counterculture style of decorating, but in your own bathroom? Searching for inspiration, looking for beautiful Bohemian bathroom decorating ideas to inspire your next redesign? Scroll ahead for eight fabulous spaces which will do just that. And remember: inspiration is just around the corner.

Best Bohemian Bathroom Decoration Ideas

One Bohemian bathroom decorating idea is to mix the modern and the primitive with a wall rug that reads “Be Cool!” The Bohemian rug is a throwback to the early twentieth century art nouveau movement that features colorful, geometric designs that are reminiscent of ancient Egyptian artwork. The modern design is a bold contrast of red, black and white with a touch of humor in the swirls of the color patterns. This unique rugs can come in the form of a large-scale, floral pattern, a checkered design, or a design incorporating shapes such as a heart or a triangle. Either way, the rug is an easy way to inject some fun and color into an otherwise dull bathroom.

A second great way to create the Bohemian bathroom ambiance is to use different sized plants in the room. The size of the plants should reflect the size of the space and the proportions of the bathroom itself. For instance, if the bathroom is narrow, you might want to stick with a plant that is on the compact side. On the other hand, if you have a wide space, consider using plants that grow to different sizes, such as a California poppy or a Japanese maple that is quite large.

The Important Role of Color For Bathroom Design

Colors play a major role in creating the Bohemian bathroom ambiance. Try choosing colors that do not belong to the traditional hues, such as tangerine or bright orange. These colors can still help set the mood for the bathroom and add a certain zest to the room. You can also choose to go with pastel colors, which are soothing to the eye. These colors are great to compliment the larger natural decor of the bathroom such as the mirrors and ceramic tiles. They can also help set the mood for a romantic and tranquil atmosphere.

When it comes to the Bohemian bathroom curtains and tile, one thing you do not want to miss out on is to use prints. These prints can come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, so you can easily find something that matches the decor in the bathroom. If you choose to go with prints, then you should make sure that the prints are created by a professional artist who specializes in them. This way, you will be ensured that the print you get is exactly what you want.

Adding Ornamental Plant Decorations

Plants are also a great decorating feature for the Bohemian bathroom design. Since these rooms tend to have an air of mystery and fantasy, it would be best to complement the theme with some plants that complement the natural setting. For instance, if you have a white tub, then going with a plant print would add to the overall effect of the Bohemian bathroom design. There are many different plants that you can use as decoration pieces; you can go with bold plants like roses and herbs, or you can simply choose to highlight the tiles and shower curtains with colorful pots and potted plants. If you opt to decorate with plants, it would be best to put them around the main bathroom tub and shower area so that you do not clutter the space with too much decoration.

Towels and toilet paper can be found in abundance in Bohemian bathroom design. You can use these items as decorative pieces or you can just place them randomly on the walls and counter tops to add a little color to the room. For the walls, you can hang mirrors that mirror backdrops of natural scenes such as rivers and meadows or forest landscapes. For the floors, use gravel, bricks, and stones to create the same effect on the floor tiles. There are many other ideas that you can use for decorating your bathroom; just let your imagination run wild!

These bathrooms are usually located in apartments because they are cheaper to build compared to a standard type of bathroom. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy an eclectic and simple lifestyle without sacrificing style. With Bohemian bathroom decor, you can really achieve this. Just remember to pick the right tiles, accessories, and plants to make the room as Bohemian as you want it to be. And remember to take a friend along when decorating your personal sanctuary so that you can all do it in a unique and beautiful way that is uniquely you.

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