Rustic Craftsman Style Homes


4nids.comCraftsman interior design is an interior design philosophy born during the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 80’s. Starting in 1880, the Arts and Crafts Movement recognized the real craftsmanship of handmade building. That is, by definition, a value judgment on the culture and values of real materials and workmanship.

Main Idea Of Craftsman Style Interior

It is not a style per se, but an appreciation of the aesthetic merit of handcrafted materials. The main idea is that craftsman-style interiors, like their exteriors, are built to last. Unlike other forms of residential design, craftsman interior designs are usually bespoke, meaning there is great attention to detail and exacting standards of design and construction. A craftsman-style kitchen, for example, will have granite counter tops, custom stainless steel appliances, wood-carved faucets, and hand-painted accents. All appliances are functional and efficient, as is handcrafted stone flooring.

As you can imagine, the craftsman interior is also designed with practical considerations in mind. This means that the finishing touches such as wooden trim work are carefully considered. While some craftsman-style homes do leave the surface of the walls unfinished, most opt for the use of solid wood paneling throughout. In craftsman homes, wooden trim work is used on doors and windows as well as moldings and doorways to bring a sense of depth and form to the space. The use of paneling on the walls and floors, as well as detailed woodwork on the ceiling and throughout the kitchen adds a degree of aesthetic quality that is missing from many other styles.

The Characteristics of Craftsman Bungalows

Craftsman bungalows are characterized by simple geometric lines and simplistic coloring schemes. Cottage-style bungalows on the other hand are more decorative and stylized. Both are meant to convey warmth and a homey feeling. In addition, both bungalows and craftsman interior design are popular with middle-aged and older homeowners who want to create a distinct homey feel while adding functionality.

In today’s age of high-end construction and design, it’s hard to find homeowners who don’t want to incorporate the latest in modern technology into their design. Home builders and interior decorators are turning to state-of-the-art materials and innovative techniques when creating new craftsman-style homes. Often the materials used are either stronger or more durable than what’s used in standard construction. For instance, mineral-filled wall panels are becoming more common in craftsman-style homes, along with custom paneling and custom window casings constructed out of solid wood. These materials offer a striking contrast to the lighter-colored, plywood exterior walls commonly seen in craftsman houses.

Another Hallmark Of Artisan-Style Rustic Decor

Another hallmark of craftsman-style rustic decorating is a high cathedral ceiling. The craftsman interior design trend has put a premium on ceilings that are higher and arched, rather than flat and low. Even though today’s ceiling heights are well within the range of traditional designs, some of the most distinctive ceiling heights are those that are built up with custom glass doors. Framed glass doors with ornate grills offer an inviting focal point for the interior, surrounded by a high vaulted ceiling that creates a sense of spaciousness and airiness.

Craftsman style homes often use very simple styles of floor coverings. This allows the homeowner to focus on the details and create a warm, cozy feel. Natural stone floors are a common feature in craftsman style homes, especially if they’re not connected to the home’s main entry. A craftsman home wouldn’t be complete without at least one custom piece of handcrafted stone tile. Rustic distressed finishes on wooden floors are another way that the cozy interior of a craftsman style home can be further highlighted.

In addition to the woodwork, the walls of a craftsman residence will usually be lined with rough wooden panels. These panels might be painted or covered in decorative wallpaper. The wallpaper might be textured or painted with a theme designed to complement the handcrafted furnishings. The style of wooden paneling might include simple, yet sturdy, straight panels or spiral panels. If the walls are painted, the panels can be left plain or decorated with artwork and pictures that coordinate with the color scheme of the rest of the interior. In a modern craftsman home, walls might be painted a bold white, while dark woods are often used for the trim around windows and doors.

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