Creating the Perfect Bohemian Kitchen

1189 – A Bohemian kitchen can quickly become the main focus of a house. Here are just twenty examples to spark your imagination and give you some more Bohemian kitchen ideas. 1. Bohemian candy.

Incorporating Natural Colors Into The Kitchen

This is actually the name of my kitchen, but if you’re not familiar with Bohemian kitchens, then just consider a modern kitchen where all the colors of nature are incorporated into the space. You’ll find green plants, wild greens, and even wild flowers in abundance. To me it seems a little bit counterintuitive to have wood as a part of an otherwise organic space, but that’s what I love about boho chic. In Bohemian kitchen design, nature is just a very big part of the design. It is what gives the place that little bit of an “organic” vibe.

Focusing on natural materials is also one key element of Bohemian kitchen design. Natural materials like stone, ceramic, and wood create a very outdoorsy feeling. Using pendant lights, candles, and bar stools in an earthy color scheme helps as well. Cabinetry is kept very light, and distressed woods help the feeling of outdoors even further.

You may also want to incorporate elements from the southwest. In Bohemian kitchens, you may find elements like cactus artwork, Native American figurines, and pueblo designs on the walls. Some homeowners combine these bold decorating styles with southwestern touches like colorful rugs on the floor. The rustic, Native American feel may continue even into the kitchen with beautiful hand painted tile art on the walls. Tiles are also commonly used for the floors in Bohemian kitchens.

Applying Earthy Textures in a Bohemian Kitchen

An earthy texture can be applied to a Bohemian kitchen through the use of nature-inspired items such as wrought iron or ceramic tiles. On the walls, bold, bright floral prints or checkered patterns work well. The backsplash of your kitchen could feature a rustic scene painted in earth toned color. The tops of cabinet pulls, on the tops of cabinets, may be in a southwestern style with painted Indian feathers. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless when decorating with southwest ideas.

Other elements found in Bohemian kitchens are geometric shapes, abstract shapes, and abstract paintings. There are no rules to creating an eclectic and Bohemian kitchen. It’s all about letting your personality show. If you want a very eclectic look, then you may want to keep your items eclectic and combine multiple textures and colors. If you like a more traditional or formal look, then incorporating sharp black or white furnishings, elaborate wooden details, and lots of textured wall coverings, would help achieve that look.

Don’t Use Many Colors – Bold Colors

When decorating your Bohemian kitchen, it’s important to stay away from using too many bold colors. Bright colors, such as red and orange, should be kept to a minimum. If you must add a bold color, then use one that is soft to touch but has an interesting texture. A good example would be an eggplant purple that has a slight metallic smell to it. Textures that are bold are usually found on the walls or cabinets of Bohemian kitchens.

In a Bohemian kitchen, there is often a lot of of the various design themes and styles. You’ll find that rustic woods are heavily utilized, along with earth tones and Native American touches. Your Bohemian kitchen cabinetry should have a natural feel and provide plenty of open space so that your kitchen doesn’t feel cramped or closed in. It’s also important that the colors you chose for the cabinetry blend well with the color scheme of the rest of the house. Use complementary colors and textures so that the entire house does not look overpowering.

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