My Method to Get Starbucks Rewards Free $ 100 Voucher

Starbucks Star Code Generator

Hi guys, how often you drink a coffee in Starbucks? If you are someone who addicts to this coffee shop. Then, you might need my method to get free Starbucks voucher worth $ 100 that you can exchange it on the cashier if you would to pay for your drink.

This method is quite saturated as almost everyone knows about this one. However, the worst thing you cannot generate more than one voucher while here you can. But keep in mind that you are only allowed to generate once a week to avoid the risk. If Starbucks knows that you do an illegal way to get their free voucher then you may against your country law.

So, what is the method? I am sure you cannot wait anymore to get your free voucher then you can go hang out with your close friends or maybe your girlfriend. But do not tell your GF that you’ve just won a voucher because it’s certainly embarrassing.

To get the voucher, you have to prepare your internet connection and also private IP. The generator would not work if you access the public internet as the IP might be marked as a spammer then you have to do a human verification. Of course, this one is quite annoying.

After you have done with everything then you may use this Starbucks Star Code generator to get your own voucher. The step is quite simple. You just need to follow the guidelines below.

  1. Open the link to access the generator (shared before)
  2. Enter your e-mail address and name
  3. Wait approximately 30 seconds
  4. Check your inbox or spam
  5. Save your e-voucher and redeem it.

That is, what I can share you about getting free Starbucks voucher. I know this is quite difficult to do as we need our own connection. But if you would, you can do human verification to make sure that the voucher only is sent to human, not a robot. Feel free to use the generator and enjoy your coffee!

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