Wizard 101 Game Review – How to Get a Crown Easily?

Wizard 101 game review

Hello, pals. Welcome back to my daily website here. Today, I would like to share with you the Wizard 101 game review. Maybe not all of you know as well about this game. But for gamers, this game is quite familiar for you, right? Wizard 101 published by Kingsisle Entertainment. This game is quite easy and fun to be played. There lots of unique things about this game. That’s why I would give the best Wizard 101 game review based on my experience while playing this game for you.

wizard 101 graphics

My Review of Playing Wizard 101 Game

The Wizard 101 is a Massively Online Multiplayer or usually known MMO which full of the magic theme in this game. It seems like a Harry Potter story. It is free to play and can be played online with millions of players from around the world. This is an online game where players have to make their own wizard character by creating a character to their own liking. This is really fun, right?? Yeah, the player can choose limited choices between faces and hairstyles, colors and their outfit. There are also seven schools of magic to choose such as fire, ice, storm, life, myth, balance, and death that includes in this game. Then other unique things, we can also choose the name of our character.

wizard 101 game trick

What Can We Collect While Playing This Game?

This game is quite fun to be played. There is a certain amount of strategy employed in building your deck of Treasure Cards. Besides that, this game is free to play but you are limited to early levels and areas of the game. Calm down guys, you can finish your game. Then, If I give a review about the graphic of this game here, this will make you surprise but it’s very fun. By using 3D graphics make the games look likes real. This game is free and so recommended to play.

Wizard 101 may create your character and go through the first parts of the game. While playing this game, we should get Crown. This thing is used to allow the players to access to different areas. Do you know that you should buy it in exclusive game items? But there is another option, you will get crowns for free? It means that you can get it easily. Do you want to know how to collect Crown? If you still don’t know well, let’s click Wizard101 Crowns Hack in this Wizard 101 game review and follow the steps also. By following the steps you will collect Crowns for free. These really reliable and true guys, don’t be a worry.

That’s all about the Wizard 101 game review and how to get a crown easy to your account that I can share with you. Hopefully, you will get a satisfying result and this trick how to get crown above is very useful for you. You have to try playing this game right now! You must remember when you mark as a robot, you should restart your modem and change the IP. After that, it will be back normally. Let’s proven it now!

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