5 Unique and Attractive Cafe Around the World for Gathering

unique and attractive cafe around the world

Usually, cafe only provides light menus for breakfast or just snacking. For that, the cafe owners developed an idea to make the cafe looks different from the general cafe. By adding a menu to the cafe, customers who come can also enjoy appetizers or desserts which serve in. Therefore, to make customers feel at home and want to come back again, the cafe owner is decorating or renovating the cafe with an extraordinary design idea. Therefore, there is some unique and attractive cafe around the world that comes with different nuances.

For those of you who love to hang out with friends, family, or even with your partner, you can visit the following cafes here. In some countries of the world, this cafe is very famous for its uniqueness. If the cafe that you visit more comfortable and cool, as a visitor you will feel satisfied. You can take pictures, chit-chat while enjoying your meal. For that, let’s check this out!

5 Unique Cafes Which Famous In the World

  • Wooden Stick Starbucks

    Wooden Stick StarbucksIn Fukuoka, Japan, there’s a Starbucks coffee shop different from what you’ve seen. The cafe is located on the main road to Shimao Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine, decorated with 2,000 logs strung together on the walls and roofs! It belongs to the most unique and attractive cafe around the world. The menu provided in this cafe is also diverse and contemporary.

  • Disaster Cafe

    Disaster CafeThis place looks unique because you can feel the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that shook the coffee shop. With the dark, women start shouting, chairs, tables, and almost everything in the room started shaking, and there’s nothing you can do except wait until the earthquake ends. One thing you need to remember doesn’t wear your best clothes because of the drinks and food which spill. This is what characterizes and interesting things when in this cafe.

  • Hammock Cafe

    Hammock CafeCafe Located in the Kichijoji district of Tokyo, the district is famous for its casual atmosphere. Here you can drink coffee, dinner, and drink alcohol while lying down in a hammock. But you should not fall asleep because here you have time for 90-120 minutes, so everyone can have a chance to enjoy this tavern. But the implementation of this rule depends on the number of customers. If your quiet customer can be longer. The food provided was affordable and delicious.

  • Café des Chats

    Café des ChatsWant to try a cup of coffee or enjoy your breakfast with a dozen cats? In Cafe des Chats in France, you can feel the sensation. Its owner said that the potential health benefits from cats are very numerous. You deserve to try it. The twelve cats that live in the coffee shop are the cats that are adopted from animal shelters. This is not dangerous because the cats are tame and not wild. Besides that, this cafe is put in the list of 5 unique and attractive cafe around the world.

  • Dumpster Cafes

    Dumpster CafesThis cafe is made from recycled materials which look classic and unique. However, because many people think this cafe is very unique, then this cafe is still continued until now as a gathering place for community and youth groups. The food provided in this cafe is also delicious and the price is quite friendly with the pockets of teenagers.

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