All Uniqueness about Japan – Interest Facts You can Find!

all uniqueness about Japan

Who does not know Japan? Countries that find the nickname “A sunrise country” is rich in tradition and a unique culture. Now the cherry country is a prima donna for the people, especially for Indonesia. In addition, there are various kinds of diversity that we can find in this country. For those of you who are curious to see all uniqueness about Japan that you can know.

facts about Japan

Unique Facts about Japan

There is some uniqueness which you can find in Japan. This will make you surprise and you want to visit this country automatically. Do you want to know what are all uniqueness about Japan country? Here there are!

cherry blossom in Japan

  • The cherry blossoms are a special flower in this country. For cherry blossoms only grow 2 weeks for a year. When it grows, the flowers fill the whole tree and have no leaves. After 2 weeks passed then there will not be any cherry blossoms that grow.

    bicycles should not for riding in Japan

  • In Japan, bicycles should not be used for riding, except those who rode for more than 16 years and their children are riding less than one year old. And even then only allowed to ride one child. When it breaks the fine is also quite large, about 20 thousand yen.

    Taxis in Japan

  • Taxis in Japan usually use automatic doors, but some aren’t. Then as a passenger, we don’t open or close the door of the taxi, because it is the job of the driver. If you do, the driver will get angry. This heard so strange, but this has become a habit of Japanese people.

    Kimonos in Japan

  • People still wearing Kimonos! When walking in the street, shopping in a supermarket or visiting a temple, you will often find people dressed in beautiful and elegant Kimonos. They preserve the history, in modern days, and it sets a beautiful scene in contrast with an urban environment. This becomes the uniqueness of Japan country, this dress looks so cute and attractive.

    kanamara matsuri

  • Unique parade, Japanese residents go to Kawasaki to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri or a birthday celebration. It reminds you of a bachelor party and buys a thing like “dick” objects. In fact, there are giant dick statues that can be used as object images. This festival began to be held in the 17th century by commercial sex workers who pray that not infected with the disease.

    Japan wheater forecast

  • Before traveling, Japanese people always check the weather forecast. The good news is, the weather forecast that always shows in the morning and night on every television station, newspaper media, the internet and etc. 90% of the weather forecast that showed is always precise and accurate. So, if the Japanese people carry an umbrella when it isn’t rain, do not be weird. Because the Japanese people already know before it’s going rain. You may see a colorful umbrella when the rain comes to Shibuya.

    geisha tradition in Japan

  • The geisha tradition evolved from the court jesters, and, originally, geisha were all male. Gradually, geisha became a woman’s role. The geisha were trained from girlhood in the arts of performance and entertainment. They are famous for traditional skills like music, dancing, singing, games, and conversation. The traditional costume is lavish, with whitened face, brilliant makeup, high black wig, and precious hand-painted kimono.This becomes one of all uniqueness about Japan.
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