Top 6 Popular Coffee Shops In the World, Check this out!

popular coffee shops in the world

For those of you who coffee addict, surely this has become a warmer or sparkle beverage in the morning. In addition, when you are relaxed, you can also enjoy it as a compliment or good friend before you do your activity. Apparently, there are top 6 popular coffee shops in the world that have become the best place for coffee. Do some of you know it?

In addition to tea, coffee has become the lifestyle of most people, either overseas or domestically. In this coffee shop, you can enjoy various kinds of a delicious coffee blend which serve in. What are the best coffee shops in the world? There are some countries that have the best coffee icon you should know. Here there are!

6 Coffee Shops Around the World Which Very Famous

* Barista Parlor, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Barista Parlor, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Coffee shop in the USA is carrying the classic concept of casual. The interior of the cafe uses wooden furniture for tables and chairs. Large area makes visitors feel like homey while staying in this cafe. Coffee products offered here are very diverse and already famous for its quality.

* Truth Coffee, South Africa

Truth Coffee, South Africa

This cafe uses a unique rustic concept. Coffee cafe in South Africa here has a unique interior design because the entire interior area using the concept of pipeline connections. While for the coffee, this cafe still uses an old and traditional coffee machines. So the coffee served tasted so delicious.

* La Cafeotheque, France

La Cafeotheque, France

This cafe became one of the pioneer famous coffee in this city. All coffee is handled with great care, only selected coffee beans are prepared and served in this cafe. To accompany the coffee, this cafe also offers cake and pastry treats that taste very good.

* Coffee Academics, Hong Kong

Coffee Academics, Hong Kong

This coffee spot applies industrial chic concepts which very popular among coffee lovers in Hong Kong. Coffee in this cafe is made with different tools and techniques. Barista in the cafe is also friendly when greeting visitors. The coffees served have different characteristics so that many of the devotees. This cafe also becomes the most of 6 popular coffee shops in the world.

*Addison & Steele in Perth, Australia

Addison & Steele in Perth, Australia

Have you ever had your coffee brewed by a fire and siphon? Now is the time to experience this specialty, and according to the coffee scientists at Addison & Steele, there is no better way to enjoy a proper cup of joe. The artisan coffee shop here has a vintage design with the handmade light bulb chandeliers that hang on the roof.

* Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

Do you want to enjoy a different coffee sensation? Yes, one of the coffee shops in South Korea is indeed very beautiful and unique. The design of the place is designed to resemble the shape of a camera which makes this coffee shop looks attractive. While there, you must order Americano ice. This is one of the best and most favorite coffee in this place. For those of you who love something unique and interesting, come to this coffee shop!
Wow, those place really present a different character which becomes the icon of coffee shops itself. So, if you want to try the different sensation to enjoy your coffee, you may come to those 6 popular coffee shops in the world above.
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