Holiday Fashion Tips | What Suitable Styles During This Time?

holiday fashion tips

What kind of clothes do you use during the holidays? Surely you choose a simple outfit, right? But do you know holiday fashion tips which very comfortable to apply on holiday and still look cool? Calm down guys, this time I will share tips on how to dress properly for your happy holiday. You will still look fashionable while enjoying your beautiful holiday time. This is a very important thing that you must know.

Even though it is a holiday, you should still look trendy and cool during this time. For men or women to look beautiful, handsome and attractive is very important. While on vacation, you also need to look stylish. You certainly do not want vacation photos so less interesting when posted on social media because the style is not ok or look messy. However, clothing worn during the holidays should also be comfortable and make it easier to move. Therefore there are some holiday fashion tips you should know and see. Let’s check it here guys!

How To Look Stylish On Holiday?

Simple Makeup

Using makeup is not prohibited during holidays, but avoid to apply a foundation and powder too thick on your face. You will move a lot all day and excessive use of makeup can make you look not relaxed. Even if the makeup fades and makes your face look oily, this will make your appearance look so bad. Better on your vacation, it is possible to bring complete skincare than makeup such as a moisturizer, face mist, and serum.

Long dress

This cloth is very convenient for travel because they usually have soft material. Now not only the like a dress, a dress with pants or known as a jumpsuit also may you choose. A jumpsuit can be combined with a leather jacket or a thin sweater. In addition, jumpsuit also still looks cool when combined with all types of shoes.

Bring a Bright Colored Bag

Leave a dark and monotone colors like brown, gray, black or dark blue for your suitcase and bag. Choose bright colors with feminine details. For example, a pastel blue backpack with a floral motif or purple suitcase because it provides a cheerful impression to your holiday atmosphere.

Trousers loose

Pants too tight is not a good idea during the holidays. Our body movements become more limited due to tight pants. Better to use loose and matching pants with casual t-shirts. This will make your appearance looks perfect and simple.


A stylish hat can support your appearance during the holidays. There are many choices of hats that can be worn. Ranging from knit hat, fedora, pet hat, stamp or beret. In addition to making more fashionable styles, hats also protect the face from exposure to sunlight. This is suitable to complement your holiday fashion style.
Are you ready for the holiday? Let’s follow and choose a suitable fashion for holiday. This will make your appearance looks fashionable and stylish. That’s all about holiday fashion tips that I can share with you. I hope this article may bring you a lot of inspiration.
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