The Best Animation Movies To Watch – Recommended and Favorite

the best animation movies

Do you like animation movie? Then what kind of the best animation movies that you know which have a lot of demand to watch? Well, there are some movies that are favored and preferred by many people from various circles. The reason is because the film is so good and has an interesting storyline.

For those of you who like to watch movies, especially for an animation movie, surely you can specify an exciting selection of animated film. An animation is a film genre, which certainly made to entertain the audience. The film has a good storyline, unique, entertaining, funny, and also makes the audience can imagine. In addition, animated films usually managed to obtain a great success because of the characters which very likable and lovable by many people. Therefore, this animated film becomes the best option of a favorite movie to watch with your beloved family or close friends.

For you who love watching a movie, especially animation movie, definitely, you knew the best animation movies that viewed by many people. If you do not already know or fewer updates, this time I will try to share it with you. Therefore, do not wait any longer, immediately check below!

5 Animated Movies Which Become Trending Topic

  • Zootopia

    zootopiaThis movie’s story tells about a headstrong bunny cop (Ginnifer Goodwin), forced to team up with a streetwise fox (Jason Bateman) to crack a citywide conspiracy, wound up being an allegorical powerhouse for these troubled times. The film, with nuance and compassion, tackled issues of bigotry and bias in a way that feels fresh, new, and yet digestible enough that the younger members of the audience won’t feel alienated or lost.

  • Moana

    moanaMoana is a rousing, catchy and heartfelt tale of an empowered girl, a free spirit who bucks the status quo, charts her own course, finds her destiny, and saves her island from oblivion. Then it would have certainly been powerful has the election of the swim with the other ways. It’s a reminder for girls too young to understand what’s going on that being strong isn’t a bad thing and that men (even demigods) can’t push you around when you truly understand.

  • Finding Dory

    finding dory

    The film is a sequel from Finding Nemo movie, it tells the viewpoint of Dory. Dory is a fish that accompany when looking Nemo Nemo’s father in a very wide open sea. Dory also a figure of the forgetful fish who viewed meeting child and father were very sad. She also wants to get back together with her family. But this time Dory was disappeared in the story of this film. This film is one of Disney’s animated films are very exciting and fun.
  • Sing

    sing movieThe film is full with a golden voice because of the beginning of this movie until the end of a singing contest. Each player presents sounds incredible even though this is a movie. This film tells the story of a person who has a business in the field of theater, but due to a failure in one show damaged his good name. But he still tried to promote and carry out new innovations in the world of theater and one of them being the innovation is making a singing audition.

  • Beauty and The Beast

    the beauty and the beast The story of Beauty and the Beast remake will follow the journey of a girl named Belle. She lives with his father, Maurice. Belle who likes reading books and anti-social make villagers think differently about her. But the charm of the Belle turned out to make a young man named Gaston is crazy. Assisted by his best friend, LeFou, Gaston was trying to get love Belle with all of the ways. Previous animated version of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is able to attract many people to watch this movie

That’s all about the best animation movies that you can watch with your family. Those are recommended animation film in 2016-2017. Which movie that you prefer?

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